Is Dolby Atmos possible with my room size?


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I've wanted to experience Dolby Atmos for a long time. I'm beginning to believe that it will never work due to my room size. The room area is 52' by 38' with the main living area having a 13' cathedral ceiling. The room opens up to the dining area, the kitchen, and the foyer into the hallway. I will post pictures to help visualize the layout. My equipment is a Denon avr x 4400H receiver, 2 DefTek Bp 9060 front speakers, 2 SVS prime bookshelf for rear surrounds and 4 SVS prime elevation speakers for Dolby Atmos. I've run the Denon audyssey setup several times. I initially placed the SVS elevation speakers high on the wall and aimed them towards our seating area. Didn't hear any Atmos effects. I then placed them on top of the front and rear speakers aimed at the ceiling. The distance to the ceiling is @ 7 feet. Again I don't hear any overhead Atmos effects. I'm using a Panasonic DP-UB820 for UHD playback. I have not attempted to mount the speakers directly to the ceiling, my wife will only tolerate so much. I've compute that I have roughly 16,000 cubic feet of space. Even playing DTS HD movie soundtracks at a loud volume doesn't give me anywhere near the experience I was hoping for. My question is, should I just forget about Dolby Atmos and sell the SVS Prime elevation speakers and perhaps buy a more powerful receiver that would simulate the dolby and auro 3d experience since I can't really enjoy it with my current setup. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance for any help you can offer.


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Your ceiling look vaulted. For upfiring speakers to work they need a perfectly flat ceiling and the minimum height is 7½ft. Your best position is to have them high on the wall positioned above the front left and right.

I would re-run Audyssey and then set the crossover to 120hz and lift the levels by 2 or 3 dB. Don't listen for Atmos effects, it can be very subtle. Live with the speakers for a week or so and then turn them off. If you miss them then they are doing their job.

The speaker configuration with the Denon will be as Height Sp.


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Thanks for your response. As I stated I have 9' walls with a ceiling peak of 13'. As you can see in the pics the black mounting brackets are still attached to the wall near the ceiling. I had the speakers aimed down at our seating area. I did not reverse the setup and aim them at the ceiling. I knew having a high vaulted ceiling would be a problem plus all of the open space. Thanks again for your response.


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Apologies for what is possibly a silly question - is your ceiling fan running when you are trying to listen for Atmos effects? If so then I think you would struggle to hear anything from your height speakers.

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The wooden floors and expanses of bare wall are going to cause havoc with the bouncing of signals necessary for upfiring Atmos speakers.


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Upfiring speakers aren't designed to work with vaulted ceilings. You are going to struggle. It's nothing to do with the amp, the angles of reflections are all wrong due to the angle of the ceiling.

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