Is a reliable on-line store?


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Oct 5, 2004
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Has anybody ever dealt with them?

I'd like to buy an Iiyama ProLite H431S monitor and It seems that's the only place to get it
or should I go somewhere else: pixmania, microdirect erc...
I did not have problem when I bought an item 2 yrs ago. Firstly, I rang them to know the availability and then ordered online. The item arrived next day.
hi,there i have dealt with them i ordered a Samsung ws32z308p slimfit tv, they were out of stock and told me 3 to 4 weeks delivery which i thought yeah ok. The delivery driver came on a monday morning and nobody was here so i had it delivered the following day, i got the despatch confirmation from them 2 days later which they needn't had botherd, anyway the tv was a nightmare so it was returned to them at their expense. I phoned them to verify that they had recieved it back and for my refund and they said yes they had got it back and would give me a full refund, it took 6 calls and 2 weeks to get my money back. At the moment i am waiting for delivery of a Samsung LE32R41BDX which i ordered 2 weeks ago, i have phoned them on several occasions to see if they have had stock in and all i seem to get is they will be in next week we get stock from Samsung on Mondays,Tuesdays and Fridays and thats about it. So really its upto you if you buy from them. Hope this helps.
thanks a lot guys for sharing

I've read reviews here and there and yeah, It seems their policies are, hmmm, weird at least
they don't state what in stock and what not so It's up to you to ask them :rolleyes:
I've sent a mail and had a quick response about a possible availability early next week

let's see.....
BigGanja said:
Has anybody ever dealt with them?

I'd like to buy an Iiyama ProLite H431S monitor and It seems that's the only place to get it
or should I go somewhere else: pixmania, microdirect erc...

A big, resounding 'NO' from me! I posted this on Friday:

They've messed me around for weeks with promises of deliveries for my Samsung LCD: saying they have them in stock when they haven't, promising delivery on a given day only for it not to arrive (and no e-mail/phone calls from them to let you know so you don't stop in all day), and general hollow promises that they "will get a delivery from Samsung in the next few days/week".

As I said elsewhere on that thread, I've hardly EVER had problems with Customer Service from on-line retailers (maybe I'm lucky, or the bit of research I do pays off?), but Digi UK are a complete shambles. This has been happening more and more frequently with Digi UK, it would seem, so order with them at your own peril.

I had to cancel my order with Digi UK, and following advice from the other thread, I'm going to place an order with on Monday.
Try these fella's.

Use them for all of my PC requirements, service is first class (and I mean 1st class......... they even send a text to your mobile to confirm the item has been shipped. How cool is that???)
They are one of the cheapest places on the internet too.
Would recommend without hesitation.
I have used this company for a year now. Always been friendly and actually know what they are talking about. Shame they dont show stock on website.
I ordered a Samsung plasma TV from them, got an email to say 'not in stock' but will email when item is to be delivered. The TV turned up with no confirmation email, luckily I was at home that day. I hated the Samsung (PS42SHX) which had the worst PQ I've ever seen so called Digi UK for a refund. They were pretty good about it but insisted I had to call Samsung for a log number. Had to explain all over again to Samsung why I wanted a refund but they were OK and agreed. Called Digi UK once again and arranged for the TV to be picked up. The courier driver (City Link) didn't want to know about it and said he couldn't carry the TV to his van. I offered to help but he said it was a two man job and that another van would come later in the day.
Guess what? No van turned up. Called Digi UK again and was told they would look into it and call me back later that day.
No call from Digi UK.
Called them again the next day and was told that City Link would pick up the TV the following day.
City Link driver arrived and said he couldn't carry the TV himself so couldn't accept the job!!! This time I insisted that he accept my help and we put the TV in his van.
To be fair to Digi UK, they gave me a refund as soon as the TV was returned to them. It wasn't their fault that City Link is useless. It isn't their fault that he Samsung plasma TV was useless but it is their fault that they have no stock listing on their website and that they don't (or can't be bothered) to send an email to confirm delivery.
I won't use them again.

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