Is deionized the same as distilled water?


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I need to make some LCD cleaning fluid.


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They're basically both purified and either should be fine :smashin:


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Deionising and distillation methods of water purification are not the same, though the end result may be similar.

Water that comes from the tap is full of dissolved minerals. These dissolved minerals are called ions.

De-ionised water is water that has been passed through a special filter which attracts and removes these mineral ions.

Distilled water is formed by boiling water and condensing the water vapour given off and collecting the purified water, leaving the mineral ions behind.

Which will be the purest is a moot point as it depends on how the producers have gone about the job of deionising/distilling. Just as with anything else different producers will generate different quality of water and unless you know their process it is impossible to tell. So I wouldn't worry too much.


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However beware anything labelled as battery top up it may contain acid! - read the label very thoroughly

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