is crt still good for pure true black levels ?


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Just wonderd about the black levels on LCD'S and plasma's, they cant seem to match crt's. my panny tx36pg50 was on NTL DAB radio the othe rnight and the text of the station that scrolls across the screen had stopped but obviously the channel/audio was still working as i could bring up the menu, i just cudn't belive how black the screen was even with letterbox mode on, not a spot of light anywhere in an UNLIT room no ambiant light 2am in my room with the curtains closed :)

looks fantastic on films.....


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The contrast ratio is one of the most important figures to pay attention to, the difference in contrast between black levels displayed and the white (high contrast should logically think that not just whites would be better etc).

OLED & SED televisions are almost here, with some companies demoing Million-To-One contrast ratios with amazing blackas and vivid colours


Exact link to the 1,000,000 to 1 contrast info

Hope this helps or is of interest.



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I'm not sure I'm afraid, worth checking out that forum though as there's plenty of interesting links there.



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SED is as good as CRT, as it uses the same sort of technolgy almost, screen wise, and the black levels are almost as good as crt.

OLED, will still have some blurring issues unfortunately, but vastly superior to LCD in almost every aspect.

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