Is broadcast HD, 1080i or 1080p?


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Just out of interest and curiosity, what standard of HD do the broadcasters throw at us via the 3 platforms SKY, Freesat and Freeview?

is it 720 or 1080, i or p, 25 or 50fps?

Also is HD freeview as good as HD freesat, as SD is much worse on freeview compared with Sky and freesat


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Not deffo sure but I believe most HD channels use 720p with exception of a lot of bbcHD being 1080i (not sure of framerates or bitrates for any of these all I know is for some of them esp. ITVHD the bitrates are crap and blocky as hell for complex and fast moving stuff, Unless it's my skybox???)

BBC - BBC HD - FAQs I'm sure others can throw a bit more light on this than myself as I'm no expert :confused:
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All UK HD (Sky, Freesat, Freeview) is 1080i 25 frames/50 fields per sec. 720p is allowed, but AFAIK, none has been transmitted so far.

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1080p broadcast is unlikely in the foreseeable future due to the bandwidth (and therefore amount of frequency spectrum) necessary.


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For '1080i', I believe some channels use a resolution of 1440x1080, instead of the full 1920x1080.

All free and unencrypted channels (except ITV1-HD Granada) are 1080i 50fields/sec 25fps 1440 x 1080. ITV1-HD Granada is 1920 x 1080. CH4-HD and CH5-HD on a sky box (free but encrypted) are 1920 X 1080.

A bitrate commenserate with the content is much more important than horizontal resolution. BBC-HD at 17mbps can look totally stunning

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