Is black border important?


Hi guys,

I m projecting directly on the wall at the moment until I find a good used screen. Just wanted to know how important is that black border around the screen? I can get a velvet tape and make a border from it. Would that make any difference?


I bought the border tape and yes it has improved the image ;) I am projecting directly on the wall and I am very pleased with the results and wonder if I actually do need a screen.

Jag of the Bailey

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The black border really isn't required on the React 2.1 screen. It's more crucial for improving perceived contrast on a standard screen or painted wall as is the case for you cinemapoint. I had a painted wall for a couple of years. I didn't even bother with the tape. I used a decent wickes paint and blacked out the remainder of the wall. In a living room that wouldn't be particularly convenient so a black border is ideal. Just make sure you have a well plastered and painted screen area.

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I agree with Jag 100%, with ReAct simply because it's a naturally dark surface, the need for having a black border is very much negated, I've been saying for months on the ReAct thread as well btw

the white screen is a completely different case though and I feel is needed to acheive better perceived image contrast

my original screen is still behind the Seymour AT screen I use now, thus screen fooled "the trade" for 3 years and is a DBMWE ;) bordered with a Devore frame and still looks very good


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No black border for me - coming up - at last - and yes Allan, you did tell me so ! :eek:

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