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I currently have a Sony MHC-S7AV hi-fi system.

Now i know that this isn`t great but it handles both DD and DTS and has done me proud for the last 5 years.

Now i will be buying the Panasonic SAXR70 amplifier and will to begin with, will use my existing speakers.

Now i will once funds become available, purchase a new speaker package however all the front speakers seem to be small compared to my present ones. 235mm x 470mm x 265mm.

Will the sound from smaller speakers be as good?

I am looking at





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It all depends on what you want to use the system for.

You will probably find that each of the speaker sets you have selected will have higher quality drive units and will produce a brighter sound. They will beat your Sony system in terms of treble but it will be a different story in terms of bass (especially in Stereo).

For example your Sony fronts have much bigger bass drivers (and there are two in each speaker). They will probably go down to 60Hz or less. Buy comparrison the small units will probably only manage 100Hz. It may not sound like much but it has a big effect on the bass. To compensate the small systems have sub-woofers but this is a compramise and in cheaper systems can result in a boomy localised bass.

So if you are using the system for movies or SACD you will find the systems listed will be good and probably sound better than the Sony.

When it comes to playing stereo CDs I suspect your Sony will sound better.



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