Is BFI really useful for Sky Sports viewing?


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Hi all

I want a 77” set and to be quite honest, I want a Sony or Panasonic as I prefer their motion processing.

That being said, Panasonic don’t do 77” sets so it’s back to a Sony.

I can get the AG9 at a really good price but it’s a 2019 set and there is something irrational inside me about buying the latest tech.

That being said, the only real change I see in 2020 sets is BFI.

I watch a lot of Sky Sports - football, golf, cricket and F1.

So my long winded question is whether BFI is a really good feature for me given that viewing content and thus whether I’m better waiting till next year when undoubtedly the next Sony 77”OLED will have it OR does it matter at all as the Sony motion processing is good as it is?

Any experts on BFI that can chip in, I would be grateful for your input.


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BFI in general is good to have, it makes the display act as a higher frame rate display at the cost of reduced brightness.

Implementations on OLEDs have never been particularly good though.

Sony over the last few years have released a few high end models at IFA - in about two weeks.

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