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Is bell wire really that bad?


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Bought a set of Tannoy SFX speakers to go with my Sony STR-DG820 amp. It has come what looks to be bell wire cable. Have read reports that this is not really that good. To be honest, it does seem quite thick, compared to speaker cable I have seen in DIY shops.

Is there really any difference in sound quality when using the supplied bell wire or getting some decent ish cable from richer sounds?



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I would suggest you either borrow some cable or buy a metre or two, connect one speaker with bell wire to one channel and the other with the quality cable to the other channel and then listen to them. Then sit with something playing (music preferably) and using the balance control go from left to right and see what differences you hear (if any) - this simple experiment should show you the differences. If the Sony cable is any good then it will revealed for what it is.


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It has come what looks to be bell wire cable.

It won't be 'bell wire'. Bell wire is really thin. The thicker the copper the better for speaker wire. If the cable that came with the speakers is reasonably thick then you'll be fine.


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I have to agree with Gadgetcity. It has to be really thin to cause a problem.

Andymc's idea is good though, just so you can satisfy yourself.

Fwiw, I did the same experiment quite recently, but I swapped my (upstairs) centre speaker over from some pretty thick cable to the skinniest stuff you can imagine, that I got from poundland :D

Put it this way, the skinny stuff is still there :D

At this level, the cable you have should be plenty good enough and any extra money spent would be better going to improving the speakers, imo.


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I use mains flex as a speaker cable, it's cheap and thick. Mains cable would work as well and would be even cheaper if you're not worried about flexing.


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Thanks all. Will stick with the cable that came with the Tannoy's then. :smashin:

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