Is AVR 3803 the same as AVR 3803R?



I am in the market for a used AVR3803. Some of the listings I see are for AVR-3803R even though I cant find 3803R in the denon archives. Are these just two names for the same receiver? I am worried that the "R" stands for refurbished or something :) Is there any easy way to spot a refurb receiver? Thanks.


Novice Member be honest i'm not sure....i have a 3803 but cant remember what the box said (3803 or 3803R).......not even sure where the box is

i'll dig out the manual in the morning to see what mine is listed as.....i would imagine it might be something to do with the colour.....or possibly if the 3803 was altered in anyway halfway through its production cycle they might have added the R to signify this.....


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If you're in the States then the "R" would designate a refurbished model. There only exists one 3803 model in the USA that is either the 3803 or 3803S (Silver).

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