Is avforums dead???

Greek Enigma

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Hi dnt think im being rude at all.

basically im new to the internet and need tv help

found this site, but noticed theirs only like 3 members on at a time

and i was expecting people to really know their tvs on here (doesnt seem the case)

im not trying to be rude but i only ever see vickster online and no1 else

so i think i better look for a different website

(i was expecting members to be like, these 3 tvs are the best 32" or 42" etc etc then people could decide from their, thanks for the help anyway and im not trying to be rude)
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You do realise people work don't you? As I should be too ;) You posted either late at night or early in the morning? People are also very busy coming up to Christmas, both with work and other stuff. best thing to do is to do a thorough search first, offer a couple of options that you are considering and invite feedback. I'd say this is a really active forum :confused: You are essentially looking for low end TVs, most on here are videophiles and not considering small TVs for £150, hence not a lot of comment

Maybe find a shift key on your keyboard while looking for another forum :D


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Youd be making a mistake mate, this is the best AV site in the UK and one of the best in the world. The reviews on here are the best I have read and there are some highly knowledgeable guys on here.:smashin:

I have learnt a lot from the people on here too:) this is THE place to ask about AV.

Greek Enigma

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Ok thanks
i wasnt trying to cause any issues, i was just trying to make sure this is the best forum to be on for electrical questions, advice. etc
remember im new to the net so i was just asking
so this is deff the best place to be on?
just making sure so i dnt go thinking their might be a better forum
ok for the 19" tv ill buy any
and the 32" ill round up the ones i think are good and post and go from their,


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No issues mate:smashin: and welcome to the site.:thumbsup: I'm not up on 32" LCDs but when you have more of an idea what you want, you may want to checkout these guys LCD TVs | Flat Screen Televisions | Richer Sounds one of the best AV retailers I've used with greate prices.

Happy hunting;)

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