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Is Arcam DV29, DV79, DV137 fully HDMI compliant ?


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This question is possibly more so directed for response from an appropriate Arcam engineer but anyone is welcome to input if it helps !!

I purchased the DV29 for its' unique ability to turn off progressive scan and output interlaced video (480i / 576i) via HDMI and then send it to my DVDO iScan VP30/ABT-102D video processor/scaler, which is fully HDMI compliant (I have been assured by DVDO) for processing.
What I have noticed is, if I go into the DV29 setup menu (Video page 2/7 ) and set it for : "Output Priority - HDMI/DVI" for HDMI compliance as indicated on page 14 of the DVD manual, the EDID tables' plug' n play implementation doesn't seem to like when you disable progressive scan and proceeds to re-enable it to "PAL only(625)" - also changes "TV System " from Auto to PAL and lose NTSC playback and changes the colourspace "Digital Video" setting from YUV to RGB with RGB disappearing.
Heres the interesting part, if I select : "Output Priority - Analogue", I can set all the settings as I prefer without anything being altered or the EDID table interfering, which seems to indicate that the handshake between the Arcam DV29 and the DVDO VP30 is now HDMI compliant !:confused:
Are these settings some how crossed ? - That is " Analogue" is indicating HDMI compliance and "HDMI/DVI" is not.
I have been assured by DVDO that their VP30/ABT-102D was fully HDMI compliant after their initial firmware upgrade.Their initial firmware was not compliant but allowed me to set "Output Priority to HDMI/DVI" :confused: So who is fully compliant and who isn't - Arcam or DVDO ?

I believe Josh from DVDO is sending Arcam this information for review, so that it can be resolved hopefully. It seems both Arcam and DVDO are following and implementing Silicon Images "HDMI compliance " for their EDID Table but producing two different interpretations of compliance.

I hope I haven't left people scratching their heads - it can sound like double dutch. I need to lie down now because my head hurts :rolleyes: :suicide:


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I get pretty much the same thing on my DV79:( . Was about to post here or tell my dealer, but my JVC LCD HDTV developed a problem on the panel and is still for repair... but from what you say it is probably the Arcam's fault!

Do you know what firmware version you are running? Mine is 5.8.0 and the current one is at least 5.17, so once my TV is back I hope a trip to Audio-T to update might fix it.:)


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The best way to make sure that the player is outputing an interlaced signal via HDMI is to switch the output priority to Analogue.


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Thanks Crusty, this is totally puzzling to me but shows how little I know;) ...

Does this mean I have nothing to gain by a trip to my dealer to update the firmware? Your sticky says v5.10 corrects HDMI output by 4 pixels or something, which could improve the image perhaps???:confused:


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The latest Firmware is at 5.26 but I am using 5.25 because the latest one has occasional video dropout issues where, whilst watching a DVD it would randomly dropout then return.I wonder if Arcam is aware of this and will they fix it with a later firmware upgrade.
I believe 5.26 was added to fix and improve HDCP performance via HDMI -:oops:
As Crustyloafer says, it may be that the Silicon Images' spec calls for progressive scan to be passed thru for HDMI compliance. If you turn off progressive and pass thru interlaced video maybe it longer complies and you must use "Analogue" as Output Priority. HDMI/DVI output is controlled via a set of fixed parameters specified in an EDID table for best output compatibility with your display or device - Plug' n 'Play. If you think you will not meet these parameters or you have problems outputting a picture from your display and it falls outside the compliance parameters set for HDMI/DVI you need to bypass the EDID table. I guess this means "Analogue" for "Output Priority" for interlaced video output.


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
To set interlaced HDMI on Arcam DV79 and DV29:

- connect to video processor using analogue component or s-video
- disconnect HDMI
- viewing analogue connection set output priority to analogue, progressive scan off, digital video to YUV
- also do all your audio settings now
- reboot, plug in HDMI cable, and Robert's Your Father's Brother!

Do not go back into the setup menu as you will lose YUV output and have to go through the whole rigmarole again. You may need to set your video processor to YUV mode (rather than RGB default).

There is not a fault with the player. The output priority and Force DVI commands are EDID options but have no impact on "HDMI compliancy". It's just the weird way Arcam had to do it.

The new player (DV137) you just select SD Interlaced on the remote HDMI button and then go into setup and do YUV output. But warning, the SD Interlaced on the DV137 is still flaky.


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Liam @ Prog AV,
Thanks for your post. I have a different take on outputting interlaced via HDMI. I don't connect any analogue cables when initially setting "Output Priority" to Analogue. Why do you need to do this ? Is it because you are losing video output via HDMI ? I still get a picture via HDMI when I select Analogue via Output Priority, so all I do is :

Force DVI - Off
Output Priority - Analogue
TV System - Auto
Progressive - Off
TV Shape - 16:9
Digital Video - YUV

When I turn on DVD player it now says "ON" in display and not "PS Output" , so I assume it's outputting interlaced !
Also with the above settings I seem to get interlaced 480i / 576i input at all times showing on the info screen on the DVDO VP30 and I don't lose any settings when I access the Arcam DV29 Setup menu anytime in the future !
Still is it possible I am passing progressive onto the VP30 even though everything indicates interlaced DV29 output / VP30 input ????


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
Must just be with Lumagens - you need to disconnnect and reconnect for YUV 4:2:2 to kick in properley. It is then lost when the setup screen is displayed. Presumably the Lumagen cannot keep a hold of switching between RGB and YUV.


Hi guys,
Sorry to hijack a little your thread but maybe you can help me.:rolleyes:

Today I was doing some tests at my home with a DV29 from a friend and component output to the PJ. We were trying to get progressive scan activated since my friend doesn't use it. So as soon as we activate the Progressive Scan to On, the image gets duplicated and each copy, two of them, gets shrinked! Anybody with the same simptoms? is this a bug? Something we are doing wrong?

We tried turning off and on the DVD and the PJ but nothing worked, as soon as we selected interlaced output image gets to normal. Never had this problem with Denon 2900. By the way the PJ is Sim2 Domino20.



Previously Liam @ Prog AV
The symptom you are describing is when you send progressive scan to a component input that doesn't actually accept progressive scan or that is still processing it as an interlaced image when it is actually progressive. THere is a resysnc button on the projector remote, or try flicking inputs back and forth to get the projector to reclock to it. I can't remember if there might be an option in the projector menu system to set progressive/interlaced input.

The issue is almost definitely with the projector. If you need further help you should post in the projector forum or contact Sim2 directly. The only weird thing is you say it was fine with the 2900 - did you try flicking the 2900 progressive on and off with the 2900 exactly as you have with the Arcam player?


Hi Liam,
that's why I tried to turn DVD and PJ off and on to check if it would resync.
Unfortunately I don't have either DVD now with me but I will try to test your sugestions. Meanwhile I will try to get another DVD to check if I have the same simptoms or not.

Thanks, :smashin:



After doing some RTFM, I've found out I was using the wrong input selection on the PJ :oops: Didn't use it for so long that my memory play a trick on me:rolleyes:

Thanks for you help anyway:smashin:

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