Is anyone actually SHIPPING Pioneer 868s?


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I've money burning a hole in my pocket for a Pioneer 868 but all the on-line suppliers I've contacted say they have no stock, don' t know when they'll get some and don't get the number they order in any case. :(

Does this beat actually EXIST in any meaningful way or am I better off looking for another solution to my needs?


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I spoke with Pioneer UK several weeks ago and they said that their next shipment would be at the end of the month, so you shouldn't have too long to wait - the downside is that you might still have to hunt around as there may not be enough stock to cater for all the current back-orders for the 868 - EmpireDirect hoped to have some left over so you could try them

I got fed up waiting so i bought a 757Ai from Digital Direct for £489 as i don't need HDMI yet

good luck



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I've had one on order with my local dealer (Frank Harvey in Coventry) since December 3rd. A couple of weeks ago I lost patience, and tried asking Pioneer what the hold up was via their "customer relations knowledge center" site:

Here's the conversation in full(they tried to close the query down at one point, hence the "this isn't solved" bit). It's in reverse chronological order:

Response (KTBCS) 23/01/2004 10:34 AM
Unfortunately we arent expecting a delivery until the end of February.

Customer (Dave Chamberlain) 22/01/2004 07:45 PM
Actually, this isn't solved, as I don't have my player yet! Do you have any news for me yet?


Response (KTBCS) 16/01/2004 03:59 PM
Unfortunately we havent been given a date from Japan yet as to when we will be expecting them, if you would like to contact us again in a week or so we might have some more information for you.

Customer (Dave Chamberlain) 16/01/2004 03:15 PM
Thank you for your prompt reply. Would it be possible to let me know why you don't have a date?

Response (KTBCS) 16/01/2004 01:25 PM
Unfortunately we still dont have a date of when we will be getting the DV-868AVi in stock, all we can suggest is you place an order with your dealer.

Customer (Dave Chamberlain) 16/01/2004 01:12 PM
I ordered a Pioneer DV-868AVi DVD player from my local dealer (Frank Harvey Hi-fi in Coventry) at the beginning of December, but they have been unable to fulfil my order since then. They tell me that they have called you to find out when they would be getting stock, and you couldn't even give them an estimate. Looking on the internet, it seems that no-one has these players in stock. Please can you let me know how and when I can buy this DVD player in the UK?
My story has a happy ending, however. Frank Harvey got some stock in yesterday! I doubt they will have spare stock, but it's probably worth asking them. Their email/phone number details are on their website:


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Thanks for that information chaps, that's the sort of story I've been getting, "stock due soon but no idea how many we'll get".

While I don't want HDMI yet either I don't really feel like spending £500+ on a machine I know will be inadequate some time this year for me.

What's Pioneer's problem with this, they seem to have announced it way too soon before building up stocks. :(

Originally posted by Digger
EmpireDirect hoped to have some left over so you could try them
They're no longer listing the 868 as far as I can see.

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