Is Andy Murray...


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... the most boring and uncharismatic human being on the planet?

Just watching him on Soccer AM and he makes me want to turn the telly off, as he is so dull and uncomfortable on camera.


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Didn't get up in time to watch it but got a text off a mate this morning saying exactly the same thing! He's a posh jock anyway, which I don't trust :D. He needs a haircut too. I'm not a tennis fan but always cheer on the Brits during Wimbledon with a tongue planted firmly in cheek knowing that they will eventually c**k it up and go out to someone ranked 3408 in the world from Guatemala.


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Anyone else catch Andy on his mobile phone when the camera flicked back to him after a Soccerette sketch? Tut tut.


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Bring back Henman! Shame he has retired. His game against Moya at Wimbledon last year was pure magic. I am lucky enough to work at Wimbledon each year so have an all access pass to watch any games but watched that game on Henman Hill just because the atmosphere was immense.

Andy Murray is boring as sin though. A little overated in my opinion too. His brother Jamie is quality though! Him and Jelena Jankovic were great at wimbledon especially considering they only had 20 minutes practice together before playing their first match together as it was a last minute thing.

Can't wait for this year though!


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He's a tennis player - why should he be anything else?

If he wins Wimbledon for us he can be as boring as he ikes :)


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I remember him making a daft statement about how he would be supporting "anyone who played England" in the last World Cup ..... cock.

Kazuya Mishima

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Aaaah, some strong comments here....

Has to be said though, he fairly leathered his shot (on target) in the Hollywood shoot-out!

I love Andy Murray. I love his bad temper, love the fact that he's sulky, love the fact that he seems to be opinionated and doesn't just trot out the cliches.

I know his comment about supporting anyone but England annoyed a lot of people, and TBH this is the same attitude as thousands of other Scottish people (not me, honest, check my post history!). I don't think that makes him "bigoted" though, woodywizz (although he may have said something else to cause you to make that comment, if so, sorry to mis-judge the situation).

I think he WILL win a grand slam but probably only one, not sure when or where, but I think he has the talent to get one. Don't think he will be consistently top 2 or 3 in the world, but still think on his day he has the game to win something big.

And I agree with davepuma - he needs a haircut. :D


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Andy Murray - The devil's spawn child of Nigel Mansell and Steve Davis

Wild Weasel

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His Brother Jamie seems OK though. He won the mixed doubles at Wimbledon last year if you recall.


I remember him making a daft statement about how he would be supporting "anyone who played England" in the last World Cup ..... cock.

Isn't that the standard scottish answer ? :D:devil:

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