Is an integrated amp needed with speaker upgrade?


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Hi there, I've been a member of AVForums for a number of years now, but this is my first post. I've usually just read through other posts/threads for interest or to find information. However I'd like to ask for any answers/opinions/suggestions to my questions below.

So I have a modest living room home cinema set up:-

Epson TW9200W Projector
92” Sapphire motorised Screen
Philips OLED804/12 TV
Marantz SR6011 AVR
Monitor Audio Bronze 1 Front L + R, Bronze Centre and Bronze FX for surrounds
BK Electronics Gemini II Sub

For music I have a Pro ject RPM1 Carbon (Ortofon 2M Blue) connected to the SR6011 via a Schiit Mani pre amp.

This has been the set up for a number of years but I’ve always planned on upgrading the speakers to the Monitor Audio Silver equivalents - Silver 50 fronts, C150 Centre and Silver FX for surrounds.

I’m happy with everything for movies, so my main aim is to improve on the music when playing records. I know larger bookshelf speakers or floor standers would be most appropriate, but aesthetics of the living room are important, which is why I want to keep similar size but better quality speakers.

I’ve read plenty of threads regarding using 2 channel amplifiers for improved stereo against an AVR, so I’m also considering whether to do this or not. I have questions in this respect, is an integrated stereo amp going to make that much of an improvement given the modest speakers to be used? Or would just the speaker upgrade with the AVR be enough?

What I’d really like to know is what kind of 2 channel amp would be an upgrade from the SR6011 for stereo anyway? Would a Marantz PM6007 be enough, or would I have to look at the Marantz PM8006 instead. I know the PM6007 does not have HT passthrough, but that’s not an issue as I’d consider a speaker switch if I went for that.

I listen to music via Source Direct, so don’t utilise the sub for that. The room is 4.7 metres Long, 3.4 metres Wide and ceiling is 2.4 metres high.

I’d be happy to maybe try the Marantz PM6007 as if I decided it did not improve on the AVR, I’d use it as the basis of a start of set up in a different room, for which I feel the Marantz PM8006 would be over kill for.

I currently have £1000 or so towards starting the upgrade, so asking before I order the fronts and centre, or consider ordering the fronts with the PM8006 for just a bit over the £1000 on Peter Tyson at the moment.

Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome.


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Speakers are the main contributors to sound, so it’s always worth spending as much as you can. And modern budget speakers are now very good, but obviously have limits due to pricing components as low as is feasible.

A couple of grades up gets you a serious improvement. As you have happily found.

I assume you’re using Audyssey?

If so, in my experience, either Dirac or ARC Genesis is a significant improvement, especially and delightfully in stereo and or 2.1 (2).

I’d consider the Anthem receivers or a Nad with Dirac.

Or, an Arcam with Dirac.

(Useful discount above).
Paul, I'll certainly be looking at Anthem for any future upgrades, I've been reviewing them since you made the initial suggestion and so quite keen to source/listen to one once able to. I'm just gonna take the time to enjoy what I have just now until in a position to upgrade in the future.
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Thanks for the suggestion Paul. I've tried Sorbothane before with the previous speakers and had a nightmare with them. They bled and ended up staining the surface of the walnut unit they're on that was new at the time. Therefore I'm reluctant to try anything with the name Sorbothane in it, even if a different product/version might not do the same.

Hmmm... that is exceedingly odd. I’ve used loads over the years and never been anything but pleased.

I think the Fisuals will do the job just as well, although I had thought they were sorbothane too.
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Paul, I'll certainly be looking at Anthem for any future upgrades, I've been reviewing them since you made the initial suggestion and so quite keen to source/listen to one once able to. I'm just gonna take the time to enjoy what I have just now until in a position to upgrade in the future.

That’s certainly the best way sir :smashin:

And it gives your bank a little recovery time.
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Glad to see you are pleased with the upgrade.
If and when you do look at an amp upgrade make sure you can get it on a decent return policy.

If you look into the Marantz amplifier philosophy they treat there AVR’s like their stereo amps with the same sound. The HDAM circuitry particularly. If you look at the similar powered Denon amps they don’t use the HDAM’s.

My SR6013 really rocks my Kef R3’s.
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Just add my thoughts to this thread. I too upgraded from MA Bronze 5's (5th Gen), centre & FX rears to the Silvers. I went for the 100's & C350 though, paired with the silver FX's for rears, as I got such a good deal new from Richersounds.

I use an Audiolab 6000A with HT Bypass - that is engaged by the simple press of a a button on the remote. The 6000A has my stereo sources connected, while my Denon X4500H does multi channel duties. I love the end result.

I believe this is one of the cheapest - when buying new - amps which has HT Bypass (£599 RRP). It also pairs well with the Silvers and is a doddle to set up. It also has a very good onboard DAC (considering the price).

Might be worth seeing if you can get one on home demo. You'd only need a couple of RCA cables, to connect the front L&R pre-outs of you current Marantz AVR to the "Power in" on the 6000A.
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