is a Yamaha RXV3067 too powerful for my room



ok guys been itching to replace my old Yahama A2 amp. It was one of the top of the range amps at the time and has served me well. my room is 3.5 meters by 5.5 meters.. room set up is tv far end in centre of far wall... not homely but then im single so cinema more important than being a lounge.

ive been looking at the 3067 amps but looking at the seen the wattage they are putting out nowadays wonder if they will blow my speakers apart..

What sort of speakers are you using to appreciate this amp..

im running B&W 603 fronts and yahama vm1 centre and rears and 2 active subs.... but vm1 are only rated at 100w?? and ive already blown a tweeter in the past with the amp..

I would like to stick with a yamaha but also would like to get the best i can too... love clarity and movement within the room which ive had so far. and yes i know these new amps are miles above what i have at the moment. I dont have 3d yet so looking at the future with the 3067 instead of the Z7 i was looking at before.

thanks Dom


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I do not think there can be any such thing as an amp that is too powerful!!! you just do not turn it up to max.
In general it is better to have more power than less. This is because you do not have to run the amp so hard hence you get sound quality improvements. Also although it will say 100+ watts per channel output it will put nowhere near this much out of each channel whendriving 5.1 or more. The other thing is that an amp that has too little power has more chance of causing clipping when run hard, this is the quickest way to damage speakers.
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