Is a subwoofer cable different to a phono cable?


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Is a subwoofer cable different to a phono cable (i'm thinking of the red and white jobies you get with any hifi equipment), or are they the same thing?



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I believe so, but whether or not anyone can audibly tell the difference.............. I got a longer one I needed off Ebay - OFC, Gold plated plugs etc for under a tenner & I have no complaints about performance. It looked a lot better quality than the one supplied.

Peter Galbavy

Given that the sub cable is likely to travel further and through more electrically hostile environments (i.e. the floor, near power sockets etc.) it is better to get something that is well shielded etc.

I tried a number of long phonos and others and settled on this (5m length):

No interference or noise even with the sub turned up to full (and the other end of the cable plugged into a switched OFF amp!) - which is a good test for mains hum etc.

With an old cable I used to hear some random TV or radio station induced as a low bass. Sounded like my neighbor had their TV turned up a long way until one day I turned the sub off - and silence. I swapped cables sharpish.

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