Answered Is a Sony HW50ES an upgrade from a Sim2 D80e?


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I have been offered a Sony HW50es at a very low price. I love my Sim2 D80e for its lush image, colour and lack of motion blur, but my room is white so it struggles with blacks and brightness. The colour wheel noise is also a bit annoying at times (mounted overhead).

So simple question... would a Sony HW50ES be an improvement or would I miss that DLP lushness?

Both are knocking on, but I'm on a tight budget have always gone for yesterdays high end over today's budget models.

Unfortunately I can't demo the Sony HW50ES anywhere.



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I would be inclined to stick with the Sim2 D80E.

The Sony will be brighter than the Sim2. It all depends on your screen size. How big is your screen?

If your Sim2 is working fine, then a new bulb can give it a new lease of life - but that will cost a few hundred pounds.

I've had both and while the Sony is quieter, I still preferred the Sim2 over the Sony.

If you are on a budget save some more money and go for one of the new Epson projectors which accept 4K sources. The Epson 7300 and above will walk over the Sony HW50 and look a whole lot better imho.


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Thanks for the reply. Good to know that the D80e was still holding its own five years later against such a well regarded projector.

I have been looking at the Epsons and will go and see one in action as hopefully the offset chips finally deal with the chickenwire effect that has always put me off LCDs.

Thanks again - much appreciated.


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Yeah I always disliked the chicken wire effect from LCD pj's.

Things have moved on a lot since then and I would be perfectly happy with either the 7300 or 9300 projectors from Epson.

Brightness, colour saturation and an excellent motorised lens shift is on both units. They really are fantastic value for money as well when you consider that the D80e was I think near the 6k price bracket. What you can get now for that type of money is astounding imo.

The area where DLP is better is image sharpness. The Epson units are fantastic for the money, but you will lose out (a little) for sharpness imho - but all things considered, the Epsons are much much better value for money - especially the 7300 which for 2200 pounds is a steal. The 9300 has the better image but in a light room, you will be better with the 7300 and save 800 quid.

The area where Sim2 really excel is the size as the D80e is very small compared to the an Epson 7300 and if you want a small form factor projector you may want to consider something else but to be honest most serious Home Cinema projectors are bigger now - which helps greatly with lower fan noise - something which Sim2 have never got to grips with for their Domino range back in the day.

The D80e was a stonking machine back in the day - at a cost. What you can get now for nearly a quarter of the cost is unheard of. Get to a good dealer who can show you what the new machines can do - you will not be disappointed.

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