Is a projector right for me?



I’ve had the money for a 50” plasma burning a hole in my pocket for six months now. From my research it seems the Fujitsu is the best, but I’m living in Shanghai and it’s not available here. I’d settled on the 6 series Panasonic but, although they were supposedly released here last year, there is still no availability.

I still have some reservations about the reliability of the Panasonic plasma and can’t completely dispel my fears of burn in. I have kids that always leave a static image on the TV and are sure to do this with a plasma too.

So now, after dismissing them many times before, I am seriously considering a projector. Myself and friends from my office visit Japan quite often and I could use Pricejapan’s service to get a Panasonic AE500 or Sanyo PL Z2 or Sony HS20 for a lot less money than the plasma. It won’t be as convenient but it would give a big picture. Almost all my current viewing is DVDs, but if I got a projector I would probably also use it a bit with a games console.

What still worries me about a projector is that I don’t have a dark room to use it in. I will use it mostly at night but some light is still going to come in, even through curtains. I will also sometimes want to use it during the day when quite a bit of light will get in. I’m in rented accommodation and can’t do much about this. The projectors I’m interested in aren’t available in Shanghai, so I can’t try out before I buy.

Shanghai also has very poor air quality. Dust collects on things very quickly. Am I going to have problems with dust blobs on a projector?

So, if I get a projector rather than a plasma – in my circumstances, am I going to be happy with one? I’ll be really p---ed off if I buy a projector and then have to go out and buy a plasma as well! And if a projector would be OK, which of the three I mentioned would suit best?

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