is a Mitsubishi CT25B2STX tv multi-standard?


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Mitsubishi CT25B2STX colour tv

Hi Guys.

Can anyone help, anyone got one of these sets, its about 8yrs old.I Want to buy a dvd player for in-laws for x-mas.Probably Tosh 220e multi region or similar but need to know if it will play region 1 dvd's in colour( I have lots of region 1 dvd's I can lend them if it will).can anyone advise if this tv is multi-standard or not ,also is scart rgb or just composite or s-video.

I don't want to start asking questions of inlaws as it will spoil their surprise and I dont think they would know anyway, also they no longer have the instruction manual.

May also consider Acoustic solutions 321 or 451 from richer their website says will convert ntsc to pal60 is this correct? the muppets in Wolverhampton store don't seem to know.


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