Question Is a living room based Dolby Atmos system really worth it? Sound vs aesthetics


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Hi all, i hope you're all well and keeping safe.

In previous guises i've had a few decent 5.1 component setups comprising of Kef, Monitor Audio, Denon, Yamaha etc and loved every minute with them.

I moved home and things weren't right with the room to warrant a full system any more so i purchased a Samsung 950 Dolby Atmos soundbar with wireless sub and rears.
When this worked it sounded pretty good with Dolby Atmos but never breathtaking, and issues with the equipment during playback frustrated me like the wireless speakers losing their signals during movies.

I finally got rid of everything and I'm in a new home and i'd like to continue my Dolby surround experience but am at a loss as to figure out if Atmos is worth the clutter of cables and speakers all over the place and settle for a good 5.1 setup.

Are there any better Atmos soundbars that are worth investing in?
I've been looking at reviews looking for something better but it's nagging me that i might be spending good after bad and would be far more suited to us living without Atmos at all.

I'd really appreciate peoples experiences and pictures of their solutions if possible please.

Thanks in advance
soundbars are no beuno

7.1.4 is amazing!

I improvised. No ceiling speakers, but ones just below ceiling lol

Wireless sucks and damages our biology.
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Yes. Monitor Audio W180 L&R, and W150 LCR centre. If there had been 3 W150’s available I’d have gone for all 3 the same, but I paid under half RRP for all the speakers as they were ‘open box’ warehouse deals from AV Online. None of them had a single noticeable mark!
Hi, what in ceiling speakers did you use?

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