Is a 'computer' UPS safe ?


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I have a spare APC 1000va UPS lying around, and I just got a new TV [40 inch lcd sony bravia]

I'll be putting my main pc with this tv and i'll be running my pc thru the UPS.

I'd also like to run my amp, dvd and tv thru it and wanted to know if this is a bad idea at all ? I want it more for the surge protection and power filtering than the UPS properties.

One friend said that it would provide square waves instead of sine. I don't know how important this is or not, so I'm taking advice here.



1000 va UPS = just over 4amps @ 240v so as long as your telly draws less than this, your ok


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the UPS i have has 6 battery plugs , and 2 surge protectors.

would i be safe to use the battery plugs for the computer , dsl model and router, and dvd player / satellite box. and just use the 2 surge protectors for the TV and AMP [the big electricty draws ?]

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