Is 8GB of Ram to much for Vista Premium 64bit?


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I got a free upgrade to 8GB RAM with a new PC I am expecting in a few weeks and wondered if it will do more harm than good?



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You should be fine with Vista Premium, but you are at Premium's max. Ultimate can handle up to 16GB of Ram though I doubt that you would ever need that much. With vista 8 to 12GB is fine for speeding up loading of programs which can be easilly loaded without having to setup a Usb Drive for Readyboost.


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Lamer questions sorry!

Never used Vista before so what is Readyboost and why would I need a USB drive?
Sorry if this is a stoopid question!!


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Hi Darren

Readyboost is Microsoft's little helper. It allows the memory to be added by using USB drive storage.

For example: Total memory = RAM memory + USB drive memory.

It really is a load of rubbish and not to be taken seriously.



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Ah okay so its way to boost ram without putting stuff in the slots?

Either way then I think with 8GB I shoudl be fine what what I want to do!




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yeah 8gb will be more than enough. im running vista ultimate 64bit with 4gb of ram and thats plenty. if you where paying for the ram upgrade then i would advise against it but as its free there is no harm done

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