Is 512k Enough For Gaming?


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A friend of mine has just had his BT line installed with a view to take his PS3 online. However, when I do a check on his number it say's a max of 512k. This seems poor in this day and age.
Would this be enough for online gaming?
How long do you have to cancel the BT line?
He has only had this installed for the PS3 no other reason, so if thats no good there's no point in having the line there :(



I used to play on a 512k connection, I'd ping around 20-50 on most uk servers, hardly ever got spikes and it was generally smooth.

Games don't require a lot of bandwidth.

It's more about the latency, you can have a 8mb connection and still ping less to the server than someone on 1mb.

512k though is ample for gaming in my experience :]


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i live in an area thats crappy enough to only get 512k, and xbox live works fine as long as its the only thing using the connection


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Cheers guys, that's a bit more encouraging to hear. It just sounds very slow for this day and age. It's a lot of money to spend each month if it's going to be no good which is why I have asked.


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Just how far from the exchange did this line checker tell you that you were - I did a new connection yesterday at 6.7km line length (that's pretty long, around 75 dB att.) and got 700k for starters, then with an NTE2000 this went up to 1.5k stable with an absolutely minimal error rate - hardly anyone gets 512 any more, provided they are on a rate adaptive circuit....

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