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Is 4.2mX3m to small for a home Cinema


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As per title I have seen a house with a 'sun room' extension that is 4.2mX3m internal, soilid brick built with a proper roof. Is this too small for a serious home cinema (see my kit list below) my screen would just fit and I could hang the projector in the room behind, with all the AV kit in the 4th bedroom above.. so the room would just be speakers, screen and seating (2x recliners 2x bean bags) ??

The Dreamer

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Whilst it may be snug, I'd be more concerned that a room designed as a 'sun room' may present difficulties in controlling the light.

Also, I'd be thinking about how to access the room, i.e., where is the doorway(s) in relation to seating and screen etc.

So, no, not too small, but may have ....... challenges associated with it!;)


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Depends on your aspirations I suppose - I am currently working on our former dining room which is only 3.3m x 2.9m. It will have a 16:9 95" screen with wall mounted projector above 3 seater reclining sofa, and 5.1 surround. Kit will be underneath screen in a rack. Given we are sat close, the 95" screen is still immersive and considering we were going to settle for a 60 inch plasma, the difference is staggering. Is snug, but better than no cinema room!


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Barry7767 sounds good ....

Dreamer .. I see what your saying but let me clarify, the 'sun room' for want of a better word is not a conservatory it is a solid brick built extension with a proper tiled roof and plastered ceiling with 4 solid plastered walls. A wooden door for access from the dining room in on one wall, a small window on the far wall which will be behind my screen, a solid blank wall at one side and a solid wall with a french door in the middle on the other.
So I think after a few semi permanent mods it could work (black velvet devore wall / ceiling covering and some way of temp block of door) I also plan to build a enclosure for the FLCR speakers below the screen again covered in black devore cloth.
I also will have the avantage of having all the AV gear in the bedroom above and the projector mounted on the ceiling of the dining room behind (projecting through a suitable 'hole') the only things in the room will be the screen, speakers, 2 recliners and a couple of bean bags.

I am not expecting a IMAX but just a nice little place to get immersed in a movie with a few friends.

Things may be progressing as I have a guy coming for a third viewing of my house on Friday...


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It is definately not too small, the only thing is you may have to hange thr screen size, but you cn always test with your current one as at first the way too big factor kicks in, but after a few weeks you may get use to the size.


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Well things have progressed I have sold my house (STC) for asking price and had a offer accepted on the new house with the extension on the back .... so the planning starts !!

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