Is 3 any good?


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I've been with 3 about a month now (NEC e616) and I have to say its great! I always seem to have a signal, and the extra video content keeps me amused when bored. Everyone I show the phone to wants one.

Very happy :D


Jason S

I think it really depends where you live, my wife's on 3 as a business line, and she find's it really frustrating as the signal's poor in our area.

Check the coverage in the areas that you're most likely to use it first.

Having said all that, when it works it's really good and the pricing is very attractive.


If you want my personal opinion i would strongly recommend giuving three a try.I have now been with them just under 1 year and admittedly had some issues especially with the 606.However since getting myself an 835 i have found the signal vastly improving and the customer service moving in the right direction.It isnt perfect but then again people complain about the other networks as well.Like someone else mentioned you have 14 days to test it or alternatively you could try the payg option which is now only 74.99 from most phone shops for the moto 835
Any other questions feel free to ask of pm me

Can I put a 3 SIM card on a 2G phone (unlocked Nokia 8310) just to make calls?
I am tempted by the pricing but don't want to carry the bulky phone around, and I am not interetsted in the video features.

Has anyone tried it?



Used to be possible on some phones but three will eventually stop your sim working.You need to bear in mind that it costs three a lot of money for you to do that as they have to pay o2 roaming charges




I am also tempted by the 1/2 line rental for 12 months, as it looks the cheapest tariff at the moment. But not sure about the pitfalls -any problems with three / or this phone? Particularly, what's the battery life on a835 – is it true that the phone needs re-charging every night?

At the moment I am only using phone for calls and texts (about 200 / 30) but calls will increase. So just looking for the cheapest tariffs + quality signal and coverage in and around London.

Many thanks


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I have the 616 and it does need charging every night, otherwise when you get up in the morning it is switched off with a dead battery.

One more point I have been trying to speak to 3's customer services with a technical question as I cant get the mp3 to play and what a nightmare. I gave in after about 2 hours of being messed around. The call centre staff invent 'mysterious' problems on the line once i explane its a tech fault. ie.

"i cant hear you, hang up, hang up"

I refused as I was pi***d off for queuing for so long and kept rabbiting on. After ten minutes of ignoring me the guy suddenly regained the use of his ears and took my home number which he called me straight away on. Then said down the home line "I still cant hear you" and cut me off both calls.

This sort off thing happened with four different staff. So I emailed a complaint today, maybe there wont be a language barrier via email.

The worst customer service I have ever received from any company.



mandril, thank you for reply. Amazing tale of customer service - thanks for advance warning. So annoying. Hope you get an answer to your e-mail complaint though.

Can anyone share experience of moto a835 - what's the battery life etc?

many thanks


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I (briefly) tried 3 a few months ago - I had issues with the phones (NEC) and had horrendous issues with their supposed "call" centre - half the calls ended in me hanging up in frustration as they did not speak decent english and the other half I was cut off because they couldnt sort out my issues.

I took the phones back to Car Phone Warehouse and demanded to go back to Vodafone - what a complete shambles - they are still sending me a monthly bill now even though I've rang them about 20 times to explain what happened!

Shower of Sh**!

Digsy 1971

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Slight thread hijack:

There is no better way to get straight in touch with a Large Company than by cancelling your direct debit. Within a few days they send you a letter, usually with a pre paid payment envelope inside. I type out my letter of complaint, put it in said envelope and send it off.

Because money is involved, it always goes straight to a real person.


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Originally posted by Darren Blake
There is no better way to get straight in touch with a Large Company than by cancelling your direct debit.

Interesting - and worth noting for future reference ;)

As a sidetrack though, would this not have an impact on an individual's credit rating? Presumably if the phone company requested payment after the DD had been cancelled, it would register as a declined payment?

Apolgies if this is a stupid question :suicide:


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Not sure. But I've had zillions of failed payments against my current account because every so often my ISP's billing system goes up the spout and it forgets my debit card details. Sometimes I get 5 or 6 failed payments before they sort things out. Its never affected my credit rating yet...

Used the trick with Singlepoint and Halifax, and probably a few others that I forget about now.

Anyway, they'll give anyone credit these days, won't they??? ;)

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I bought two A835's about a month ago, wehile the handsets themselves are fine i found the signal to be really bad. I was given to understand that it was meant to use the O2 network when it couldnt get a 3G signal, however this didnt happen.

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Hi if you still want to know about 3 or where the other networks are with 3G for the info you need to want to know please use the link to find out.
I'm a mod on this site and it's the best place to find out all 3G news and new phones etc.

Please use the link. Thanks.

Click here:

I hope it's ok to post this link, if not i'm very sorry.


I've had a terrible time with 3 - trying to get anywhere with their Indian call centre is extremely frustrating, the reception in my area is eratic and after three months I'd had enough, and returned to Orange who matched my 3 deal.

I'm now trying to get out of paying for the rest of my contract, which I don't see why I should pay due to the useless coverage and appalling service. Anyone managed to avoid paying?

Overall it's a great deal but check the coverage in your area, and if you get any problems expect a frustrating time - customer service is definitely not their strong point - normally 20 to 30 minutes on the phone! In fact I believe they've had over double the number of complaints of any other network to Oftel.

If you like your network but are tempted by the 3 deal try telling your network you are moving to 3 - they may well offer you the same deal to keep you!


ive been with three just under a year and at first it was a bit ropey, service wise etc.. and people not being able to hear me, but now its cool. Just upgraded to the LG model and it ****s all over the nec 606 or whatever it was i got first of all.
The battery last three whole days without charging, which after a year of having to charge my nec every half day, is weird.
The service seems to be spot on now though, and thats with me being in cambridge and ringing people in london.
Bills no more than £40 which is for 750 mins and just added 200 texts for a tenner!!!Alright!

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