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Is 12ms response good

D J C 197

Active Member
Hi all,
I'm looking at getting the 37" JVC LT37DS6??? as a replacement for my faulty PV500 plasma.

I notice the response time is 12ms. Is this good? I see some sets have 8ms response.

I know nothing about LCD screens. Is this response rate considererd to good. Should i be likely to see any ghosting etc?

Thanks and please excuse my lack of knowledge :mad:


Well-known Member
You might want to consider the Philips 37PF9830
A 6ms panel (1920 x 1080)
Handles fast motion very well - no judder/blur.
The Philips 9830 series gives good value for money as well imho


Well-known Member
Don't get so hung up about response times. Anything below 16ms is good and there's a lot more to picture quailty than just response times. As every manufacturer uses different methods in calculating these it is practically impossible to make a comparison like this anyway.

I have a 37" LCD with a response time of 12ms and have not seen any motion blur or smearing at all.


Well-known Member
yes - the chassis/picture engine are just as important.

In contradiction though - these days I would not even consider anything above 12ms

D J C 197

Active Member
Thanks for the replies folks. Much appreciated.

I'm a little confused thou. I know i really like the JVC because of the intergrated stand, but want to get the best with my budget (£2,000 37").

Will i not really notice the difference between say 12ms and 8ms? I like to watch the Football on SS and do play Xbox.

Is there any other sets which i should be considering. It must be 37". 40" is a touch too big and 32" too small.

D J C 197

Active Member
Does anyone have any experience with the JVC?

I see on the JVC site it states that it has recently received good reviews for picture and sound.

I have been to my local Currys, Comet, Dixons, and an independant and none have this set so i haven't actually seen it close up.


Well-known Member
Toshiba also have a new 37"
Toshiba 37WLT58

richard plumb

Distinguished Member
Its got good ratings.

One of the Home cinema mags will be doing a 32" LCD shootout in the November issue (out on Thursday), and hopefully they'll include the 32" JVC.

I've seen the 37" in powerhouse running a HD feed (they swapped it over from the panasonic) and it looked great.

Its between this and the Toshiba 37W58 for me.

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