Is 11 foot too close for a 52 inch Sony LCD?


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Hey Guys,

I am just planning out a new home cinema setup and am considering getting a Sony LCD, specifically I was looking at the KDL-52X2000.

My viewing distance from the main centre couch to the screen will be approximately 11 feet, is this too close for a 52 inch and should I be looking at something smaller?

Let me know what you think.



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I sit about 9 ft away from a 43" plasma and I reckon I could get away with a 50" screen (providing, of course, the source was good). However, I understand that SD sources are not great on this set and so you may pick up on every flaw in that sort of picture. LCD screens tend to be less forgiving than plasma in that respect.

Bear in mind that I've not see the 52", only the 46" version and that was running off a HD feed. I'm sure someone will show up soon who's got one of these beasts and will be able to give a far more objective view.:)

(I'd love to try the 52" version in my room just to see though :cool: )

Dr Evilest

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My usual viewing distance (to the sofa) for this set is 18ft or so. Often bring out the bean bags to 10-12ft for HD football, films or gaming.:thumbsup:
SD at 14-18ft is fine IMHO; closer than this, not so hot.


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Thanks for your replies. It sounds like the 52 inch might be a little on the big side, but I might risk it. Shame the Sony centre wont let me take one home for a weekend to test out :thumbsup:


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