Is 1080p oversold?

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Hi everyone,

Like many others here, i'm tracking the forums for my next plasma. Decided against LCD based on SD performance.

My question relates to the fact that I, like other technophiles always want the best, especially on paper.

We keep going on about 1080 but can people give their view on whether they would notice between 768 upto 1080?

Clearly 1080 is the future but for what great benefits to joe public?

My thoughts are that many happy guys on here last year or recently bought their 768 screens. Are they now wanting to sell those just for 1080 or are they happy?

I'm asking this because 768 kit is cheap now adn paying 2500 for the new screens vs 990 for the px70 is asking a lot of improvement from the new screen isn't it?

How do you owners of good plasmas feel?

My kit is PS3, SD DVD for now and sky+.




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Taken from:,39029474,49288780,00.htm

"'24p True Cinema' mode, which is a perfect match for movies. Film is shot at 24 frames per second, but UK televisions operate at 25 frames per second. This means that when you watch a movie on DVD, you are seeing it sped up by 4 per cent. This drives some purists nuts, and Sony wants to help. Its 24p mode is designed to work with Blu-ray movies, which are encoded at the same rate in which they were filmed."

Basically, particularly on HD material from HD DVD or BluRay, on 'normal' flat screens, panning shots stutter across the screen. It's REALLY annoying once you notice it.

Panny, Pio and Sony all have 24p TV's due out.

Have a search through the forums, there's been a great deal of discussion on it, and there's many on here who understand the specifics better than me.


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Worth noting that the PS3 (and many other HD DVD and BD players) will not output 1080p/24 though even though the disks are stored in that format. So don't buy a TV on that basis unless you have the right source :)


Does the TH-50PZ700E handle 1080p/24 ?


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If what lazymatt says is correct about Panny ones due, then the Full HD PZ700 makes it the ideal and likely candidate.

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Good responses guys but nobody has answered the important question of whether..

the guys with non full-HD screens feel that they have a worse picture when viewing it or not?

Is the full HD worth 1500 squid extra or not?


This is really quite simple.

LCD manufacturers who are leading this say yes, because it is easier to produce the panels and it gave a marketing edge. Plasma maunufacturers are only just pushing it beacuse they now can produce them at a more reasonable price (some may say not reasonable).

The full resolution is only really there on a static image, as soon as there is movement the resoution falls off dramatically and most images move. LCD is far worse for this than plasma.

You need a big screen 50 or over to really see the difference and you need to be closer than normal to get the benefit. Then the processing engine of the screen need to be of a standard to let that extra detail shine.

I find I really have to work hard to show many people the difference between standard def & high def let alone 720p & 1080p.

My advice if you can see it then yes its worth it, if you cant don't waste your money, get the best set you can afford for your eyes and dont worry what any one else says.

Your eyes your pocket.


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1080p is not worth the extra cash for 42", although there will no doubt be othere extra features in sets - better processing etc etc which improve matters.


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I've just bought a Panasonic 50PX60 and while the picture is great, there is certainly more detail which 1920x1080 resolution would benefit from on a tv this size. The 50" does not quite have that perfect clarity when watching HD which I see on smaller tv's so I would guess that a 1080p screen this size would look noticably better (although it depends how far away youre sitting), but whether its worth an extra ~£1500 depends on how much money you have to burn on getting the ultimate in picture quality.

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I was going to buy 42" but could buy the 50". Having said this, i am planning to upgrade my pj to panny or jvc 1080 so is my money better spent on the new px70, px700 or do i go for the pz700.

Would 42" show any great improvements with 1080 ? Also about PS3, what would my screen do with the ps3 signal? Any known issues?

I'm weighing up £1000 vs £2000 between 768 and 1080 models. It's a lot of extra dosh.

Will be getting HDDVD at some point.


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I have similar dilema to you, apart from the value for money side, I can't decide on a 42" or 50" screen. Mainly because missus thinks 50 is too big for the room (viewing distance will be about 9-10 feet. But the value for money has to come into it though. How much extra do you get for the huge increase in money.

I have decided to work on future proof and money spent now lasting a while. Alternitively I could buy say the px70 , then upgrade in say 2 years time when things have seetled a bit. but then I feel I will just be chasing technology !!

it a tough decision, but I am going to go with the PZ700, full HD/1080p/24, 3 HDMI slots, SD card slot, PC slot, latest chip technology etc etc. I think it will do me for 6-8 years, so good investment for £2700 (best price i have seen advertised so far). With that resolution, and quility of electronics and build, I should be able to add any kit to it in the future e.g. PS4, Super HD DVD, Purple Ray, etc lol


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I can't be sure that the different was down to the screen resolution, but recently saw a side by side comparision with the sony w series 1080p set and a pioneer 720p set. Both were being feed a bbchd 1080i feed.

I found the pioneer suffered heavly from compression errors (not quiet sure what it is called but it happens with heavly compressed movies, you get areas of the screen that are dividend by what appears to be blurred boundry) while the sony didn't suffer from this.

From what i have read, i have not heard of anyone stating this as a major difference between lcd and plasma, so i can only assume it had something to do with the resolution.

Of course i can't be sure it had anything to do with 1080p, but has made me think again about plasma sets.

p.s. i also found the plasma to have far better (brighter and more shades) colour, but i have heard that to be linked to plasma tech.


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I have similar dilema to you, apart from the value for money side, I can't decide on a 42" or 50" screen. Mainly because missus thinks 50 is too big for the room (viewing distance will be about 9-10 feet.
I cant say strongly enough GET THE 50".

I thank my lucky stars every day that I ended up taking the chance by buying 50" instead of 42" and im viewing from 10ft. You'll be surprised how much a screen "shrinks" once you get it on the wall and how quickly you get used to it.


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yes i will go 50, lots of people say so, just missus thinks it will take over the room. Might just buy it and blag it as a 46" (which she agreed to when I showed he rthe Sony 46X2000).

So that is it decided then. I am getting the 50PZ700. Just have to pick a HD dvd, blue ray, av receiver and speakers now ! lol

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Good advice by all so far. Some acting on price, others on screen size and others on "the future".

I agree with all and thats the dilemma isn't it? Last year lots of people here bought tvs and i guess they're happy. Today, newer ones are coming in with HDMI 1.3, deeper blacks, more resolution, bla bla bla...

What's in store for next year and will we all feel a bit gutted having spent £2500 to find out our kit just hasn't that new something it should?!

I'm wondering on PX70 at £899 ish 42" and pocketing the rest??

I can buy he pz series if i wish but i'm itching to buy and the 42" of that will be june i think? Can i wait?

What about the px700- how is that better?


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you are right, you can spend your whole time chasing or waiting for technology. they way I see it , it is time for me to dive into the market as i have been waiting over 6 months now. So might thoughs are: PLASMA (first dilema lol), 50" a must, 1080p, 3 X HDMI slots (1.3), Sky HD.

Then I will wait a while until HD DVD/BR have advanced a bit or the market has sorted itself out. Might by a good normal DVD player that upscaled really really well for now, just to keep me going.

Anyway, I need to take the plunge soon, as I was thinking about waiting for 8g pioneer, then the upgrades in LCD (to stop lag) then of course it will be SED TV (new technology etc etc, time to STOP lol.


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Simon, looks like you`re in same boat as me, tempted by new pana and all the extra bits, over a possible new and probably stunning, `only` 720p pio 8th gen screen ?


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i have spent days on here now, been to plasma threads and spoken to them, likewise with LCD threads (46X2000) etc. I have made my mind up now,

will get 50PZ700, it has to be better than the 36" 8 year old JVC CRT I have now lol. I love sport and can't wait to get Sky HD, also hvae over 700 DVDs so would be nice to watch them on a quility screen (using a decent player).

But of course I will wait until the official specs come out and read some trusted "expert reviews" but it has everything I am looking for in a screen, seems to me like it is everything I was originally looking for in LCD, only with a better picture and no motion lag!! Perfik !!

With the screen now chosen, the rest of it will be easier to buy.

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It seems that 50" might well need 1080 from the comments here but at 42" i reckon we'd really not be seeing the difference, dont you?

What about HDMI 1.3, any ideas on required for your next tv or not really?

There are just so many facets to this stuff when nearly all the sales out there in the big world are from comets, currys and largely poorly informed buyers and what do they lose out compared to all of us?

Are they without the eyes to judge a screen?

It's like buying a ferrari to drive on the m25. Yeah, great car but you'll never know how great it is until you use it as it's meant to be. Worse still, some mini'll probably do the same job on the m25 route.

It's all about relevance to your use. If it's a large screen, then you'll likely suffer with SD stuff and avoid it. But, with a 42", you'll get away with SD and HD most of the time.


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found this on dabs....looks very competitive...considering it is same price as the sony 46X2000U

Panasonic TH-50PZ700 50" with Cabinet
None in stock
quicklinx: 4HFDWS
mfr#: TH-50PZ700CAB

£2,579.99 inc vat

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Yes i've seen the same price but anyone know the availability dates or are they not published?

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