Is 105cm too high for screen?


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I've just moved house and my 55inch screen wont fit on my stand. The only place for it is above the unused fireplace, but the mantle is 105cm from the floor. Will this be too high? I am also going to be sitting close ... about 240cm. I will eventually build a new living room .... but that might be 9 months away


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I have the TV in our open plan living room above the marble fireplace of a victorian house (ie not short) and we have low modular sofa. No one complains.

If it doesn't work you can always remove it.

My biggest issue is placement of surround sound speakers to fire at users


Bottom of my 60" TV will be at roughly 120cm soon, I'll be sat at around 12'/3.6m though.

My parents TV is higher than this and they sit a fair bit closer, tilting bracket and a sofa you can relax back into mean viewing isn't a problem IMO.

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