Is 1000:1 Contrast ratio too low? What is contrast ratio anyway?


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Yet another question I'm afraid...

Still toying between the Hitachi and Panny sets, but was wondering exactly what contrast ratio is all about. The Hitachi appears to have a ratio of 1000:1, compared to Pannys 10,000:1, and my current set's 3000:1.

How much of a difference do all these numbers make in real terms. Does it refer purely to brightness, or is that the panel luminance? Confused is an understatement, so answers in terms an idiot can understand please!


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The quoted ratos are normally irrelevant. The manufacturers use untold tricks to measure unreal contrast. In reality the human eye can only perceive a contrast ratio of 800-1000/1. So look at the screens and judge for yourself.


Lumiance, light output can actually be measured. But CONtrast, it's a fix. 1000:1 probably is low, as it may be no more honest than Panasonic's 10 000. The effect is that areas which should be black are in fact mid grey. All the same, it's possible to be too black, and crush all shadow detail out of the picture. Take along a copy of 'Men in Black' to your demo, try and spot the difference between lapels and jackets, and whether they are really in black. It's a start, anyway.


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Actually the Koreans started out quoting exaggerated constrast levels!!! :suicide:

Then, the Japs had to follow and they are matching their "nonsense" specs on their marketing material too :cool: Actually some months ago I remember I have found a US site that were testing a dozen of sets.....and you know what?? No one was more than 500:1 !! And, the last one on the list was a Korean model claimed to produce 10,000:1 and only managed some 250:1 during these tests :spam:

I think even some mags do test contrast on their reviews :rolleyes:

I wish I can find the link.....if I find it I'll post it here MAW would surely be interested. Needless to say, P, P, F & H topped the tests.....LG was quite close too I can remember :D

Cheerz :hiya:


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Thanks for the advice so far.. next question is what do the numbers actually mean? I get screen ratio's.. 16:9 is 16 inches to 9 inches wide etc, or something like that, but what is the contrast ratio actually referring to?

in simple terms

The difference between the wightest white and the blackest black

so 100:1 is a smaller difference then 1000:1. so 100:1 would be worse and may have a poor black

Panasonic is known to have the blackest black

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