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Reviewed by Chris McEneany
Highly entertaining and boasting marvellous visual fx, dynamic set-pieces that aren’t put there at the expense of plot or character, and wonderful turns by both Downy Jnr and Bridges, Iron Man is a pummelling, punishing heavy-hitter that gets the summer blockbusters off to a terrific start. As a franchise-in-the-making, this debut couldn’t be better – smart and exciting, and a spot-on origin story that gets to the root of the saga with lean, mean and sure-fire direction from Favreau. It also sets in motion enough of the forthcoming events to get you drooling for the next instalment … almost as much as Casino Royale did. The hero crossovers now sound far more appealing and the prospect of a proper, full-on Marvel universe brought to the screen feels that much closer to becoming a live-action normality. Iron Man rocks!
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great review, does make me want to go see it. i had a feeling this would be a good film funnily as it did from the limited previews i have seen, seem to have a down to earth normality and at the same time some bombastic battle sequences, looking forward to seeing this. perhaps the extra back story filling is due to them already planning Ironman 2,3 ? just like spiderman the back story in 1 is important in 2 and 3 so i dont blame them for adding a bit too much on the first film.


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Saw it at the weekend and I agree with the review, excellent super hero movie. Also anyone who has an interest in comic books (especially the Ultimates series) should stick around till the end of the credits. :smashin:


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I went to see this yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Not because I'm a big Marvel fan (even if I am!), but because it was a damn good film. Superb FX, acting, story, etc...

Superhero films normally suffer in their first outing by having to go over the origin of the character, and this usually leaves little time for any action (Fantastic Four was a good example of this).

Although they stayed very close to the origin, updating it (very convincingly) for the noughties, there was still plenty of time for some great action scenes.

There is also a lot of humour in the movie, mainly coming from Stark himself. The scenes with his workshop robots are extremely good fun.

I had heard about a little "post-credit surprised" and I'm so glad I hung around for it. Real fan-boy stuff, and sooooo cool! It's certainly the promise of things to come in the sequel.

I have to agree that the casting in this movie was perfect. Robert Downey Jr. IS Tony Stark.

I can't wait to get my hand on this on Blu-Ray, and I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel.


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