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Feb 12, 2004
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Southampton (the ever-reliable source) have the new Maiden album Dance Of Death on DVD-Audio pre-order, out at the end of March. I think this album is a real return to form, so I cant wait to hear it in all it's 5.1 glory!

I heard it was out on DVD-A about 6 months ago, but it must have just been a test pressing because I couldnt find the bugger anywhere! But it seems it is now on the way shortly!!

Rock on :smashin:
Not having a DVD-A setup myself I was wondering whether these release are that much better than the ordinary audio CDs.....

Hmmmmm....5.1 studio albums.....of the ones i've heard, i just don't think they cut it. Still prefer a good 2-ch normal CD.
You obviously havent heard...hmmm, say, Dark Side Of The Moon on SACD, or Metallica's Black album on DVD-Audio. It's like having the band in the room with you, you wouldn't believe how good it sounds!
but i have got Aerosmith - Greatest Hits SACD and The Police - Greatest DTS-CD

And just because a format has 1 good disc, doesn't mean the format is any good!

Plus i've heard any other discs, Missy Elliots new one on DVD-A, and a few others i've forgotten, and none of them made me want to go out and buy SACD/DVD-A hardware/software
each to their own I suppose as most of the ones I have are great through my 7 speakers and two subs.
Yeah well CD is the most widely used format, and not every CD is well recorded/mixed. Just because something is out on SACD or DVD-A doesnt make it any good. The art is picking the good ones. Usually good system + good album = far superior sound quality.
Excellent DVD-A!

Only had one listen, but it sounds very solid. The solos are incredible, and the acoustics on the last track are second-to-none.

Highly recommended :smashin:
It's certainly a return to form after some indifferent material over the last few years. I thought the stuff with Blaze Bayley was ok (no, actually pretty rubbish), Virtual XI was awful, Brave New World was a bit better, and now this album sees them back in the big league :smashin:
I'd say that BNW is better than DOD......anyway, is the DVD-A 2 channel or 5.1?
It is both, and I'd disagree strongly with you. I have Brave New World and have no urge to go and listen to it again

so its DVD-A 2.0 and 5.1, DVD DD 5.1 and DTS 5.1?
saw maiden live in cardiff in december and havnt stopped rocking since,excellent dod album,off to order that dvd now.
yep, saw them in dublin, just before the UK section of the tour....bloody great....they even managed to drink a few pints of the black stuff on stage
Ive had this on pre-order with play for ages now..still awaiting delivery of stock from suppliers !! :(
Yeah play are obviously getting theirs sourced from abroad because have had it in stock for 2 weeks now
Finally arrived from last Thursday !! :clap:
yep, got mine yesterday....collect my DVD-A player on Wednesday...
I'm not sure I've heard a DVD-A where the different sections are so separated. Most of the time, Bruce's vocals (on their own) are coming through the front centre speaker only, as are the guitar solos. Usually there is a bit of background music to accompany the vocals in the front channel, but there is nothing. It works well though. Listen to 'Journeyman' for the clearest example of this :smoke:
I think i will order this to go with my rock in rio dvd. I have only seen them live twice, first at download last year and then in december in nottingham, they are just soooo good :smashin:
I have various DVD-As and SACDs, including Queen - A Night At The Opera and The Game, Eagles - Hotel California, Metallica - Black Album, Tubular Bells 2003, and I have to say that I found Dance Of Death to be the worst sounding DVD-A I have come across. The sound is flat and muddy, and Bruce Dickenson's vocals all seem to come out the centre speaker, which just doesn't sound right. It should be a surround sound, not 'nail this down here, nail that down there'. I also think the standard CD is not as good a production as Brave New World, mainly because of the amazing drum sound on BNW. Nico has been buried in the mix of DOD. I haven't even listened to this DVD-A all the way through, as two of three tracks were enough, so maybe I'm being unfair, but I don't think the overall sound would change as the album progresses. One to avoid, in my opinion, which is a shame as it's a bloody good album!
I think in DVD-A terms it's one of the worst, but it sounds better than the CD atleast....well, just about
Simon what is the black album like as i quite fancy getting that as well, cheers inza

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