Iraq war inquiry now four years late


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The delay is being blamed on discussions between the inquiry and Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood over the publication of classified notes and conversations between the then Prime Minister Tony Blair and the former US President, George Bush.

BBC News - Iraq inquiry delay very serious, says senior Tory

Is Britain being pressured by Washington not to release this report? I'd personally like to see Bush and Blair on trial at The Hague as war criminals.


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My problem with this is that it is way too late.
Hutton should have been the proper inquiry. At that time it would have been relevant to have a much broader, honest inquiry going into to details of what happened. - but Hutton was a hopeless whitewash.

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This stinks of a cover up to delay things till after the election


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Wonder how many times it's been printed then pulped then reprinted :blush:


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If they tell the truth about Blair someone will tell the truth about them - or am I cynical?

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