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    Switcher-Control.gif I have a KD-4X8CSA HDMI matrix switcher. It has one IR port for controlling the switcher. I want to control the switcher (which is in an equipment closet) from 5 different rooms with an IR remote control at each room with IR wired sensors. How can I accomplish this? It appears that the IR connecting blocks available will take one IR output to control multiple devices but will not do the reverse, e.g. take multiple devices at several locations with sensors wired back to the switcher to control the devices but not the switcher. I need 4 IR inputs at the switcher (see about CE Labs below).

    It would be simple if I could simply use a stereo headphone cable splitter with 5 ports. I haven't tried it but have been told my arangement needs power for IR estension.

    To illustrate what I want to do, I currently have a CE Labs HDMI matrix switcher that has 4 IR inputs to the switcher wired to sensors at 4 locations whereby I have a remote control at each. I want to do the same thing with my new KD-4X8CSA which has only IR input.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Still looking for a solution to "IR Sensor connecting blocks". I have a diagram attached that might help. My diagram shows the "IR Combiner" (in red) that I am looking for.
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