IR Remote extender for a XDA II


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My pronto's had it - The docking station blew up and the missus threw away the normal battery holder so it's basically useless now

But I have a XDA II

Can you get a IR extender so that I can use it as a pronto pro?

Many thanks



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Bump this one to the top as I am curious on this one.:)


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If this isnt ok delete as necessary but please check out as we have a good XDA II community there which will answer any of your questions...

You wont be able to use any of the standard cf card type extenders because the XDA II doesnt have a CF slot unless you have the backpack (still unavailable AFAIK) which includes a CF slot but isnt pretty.

What you can do though is buy total remote 2 which comes with an extender which plugs into the headphone socket. Though its obviously not perfect with the XDA II because the headphone socket is at the bottom. The new total remote software now supports CCF files and is available here including the IR extender.


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From what I have been reading im not sure that any of the remote control programmes are compatible with the XDA II. Sorry I cant give anymore detail.

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