IR Remote-controllable mains switches


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I have a few items of old hi-fi gear which aren't remote-controllable. The idea is that I would add a remote-controllable mains-switch so I can power all my gear off/on via a single macro button on my remote.

Does anyone know if it's possible to get UK mains switches (either sockets or in-line) which are switchable via an IR remote signal (NOT RF). I've seen loads of ones all of which have a separate RF remote control, but what I want is one which can be controlled via my standard IR learning remote and my Keene IR distribution amplifier.

Any help much appreciated!!!



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Thanks Martin,

I'm not familiar with the X10 too much - wouldn't that mean buying the whole (i.e. expensive) X10 setup? Or could I just buy the mains socket and would that work independently?


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I think it's just a case of buying the IR->X10 converter and however many you need of either the X10 mains sockets or Plug in appliance modules. It's probably best to give them a call or drop them an email as it was something I was looking into a while ago, but never went anywhere with.



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After I bought a Pronto Neo - I went into "Must Automate" mode.

I was after something so I could turn the lamp in my livingroom off with the "Good Night" macro. The only way I found was with the X10 IR receiver and 1 socket adapter (about 50 quid). Even though I must be the King of Couch Potatoes, I could not justify the expense.

If you find any cheaper alternatives (Homebase do a dimmer switch for about 15 quid) for socket control, please let me know too.


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Not found any yet, but will post here if I do...
If no luck, I'll either end up making my own (can't be THAT difficult!), or end up with a manual master-switch wired in somewhere convenient. Probably the latter.

As you say, I'm presently in "Must Automate" mode :p

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