IR from multiple rooms over CAT6


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I have a bit of a hybrid setup.

I have 3 AV Sources (2x Sky + WDTV Live) going to a 4x4 HDMI Matrix. I then distribute them using a combination of HDMI extenders (some over single CAT6 and some cheapies over dual CAT6) to 4 rooms.

I also have a LexCom TV module which I use for the Sky boxes (using a combiner - composite only) to 2 further rooms, but most importantly the LexCom TV module also serves to send the IR back from all 6 rooms to all the sources and the matrix using a multi-head IR emitter.

When it's all going fine, I am very happy, but twice in the last three months, the IR part has stopped working for a couple of days and I get the feeling the LexCom TV module is on its last legs. Can anyone suggest a suitable, more robust, cost-effective, alternative way to send the IR back from 6 (or more) rooms to my emitter?


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Keene IR Matrix Commander should do the trick for you. You can run the IR over CAT5\6 cabling back to central point and then you can control all your centrally located kit.

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