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Oct 13, 2003
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Hi all..

Now weeks away from new house, weeks away from new theater room and weeks away from grief from missus. Anyways, I have a seperate room directly behind the theater room which will be uses to house all the gear amps, dvd players etc.etc. I have seen these little emiiters that stick onto the IR window of equipment, but what do they plug into???

Any ideas, or can you buy a kit with all pieces included. Im not to keen on the idea of using of the pyramid style extenders like they have in argos etc.etc. as these emitters look a lot neater??

"Hotlink Pro" at LetsAutomate.

HTH (it will !).

Thanks mike, cant seem to find it. Would you have a part number or a link please????
Doesn't it work out about the same once you've added all the bits together ? Only the HL Pro looks nice :)

True.....tis a nice looker alright, LOL
More IR-out and cool cabinet integration too.

Don't forget you could always go Xantech instead.

That Xantech looks complicated Mike......
Just a word of warning about Keene - I went for their IR "extender kit" and after 2 weeks of waiting, they couldn't supply it due to "a shortage of components". I went for the Xantech stuff at Lets Automate and it works great. It looks complicated but it really isn't - I went for a simple "blaster" emitter to work inside my cupboard and it works excellently.

FYI, I went for parts:

10065 "Hidden link" receiver inc CB12 connector block
10885 9v PSU for the CB12 block
10232 Smart linc "blaster" single emitter

Was all plug and play, no problems whatsoever. The sensitivity of the receiver is excellent too. Will pick up IR from anywhere in the room, regardless of which way the remote is actually facing! Who needs RF!!?? :)
Thanks Loada. Im presuming the single emitter will be good for all equipment???? as opposed to sticking it onto one unit.

Also whats the difference between an IR emitter and a Blink emitter. Thanks. Sorry for dumb ?'s
Originally posted by Loada
Just a word of warning about Keene - I went for their IR "extender kit" and after 2 weeks of waiting, they couldn't supply it due to "a shortage of components"...

Recently? Which bits didn't they have ?

I've had at least 20 orders from Keene and every one was shipped in double quick time
I'm not here to knock Keene - just that my order for the IR extender kit just didn't get fulfilled - after a couple of "we're getting them in tomorrow/next day/day after that" emails, they eventually conceded they couldn't meet my order (2 weeks after I placed it). They said it was because they were having trouble sourcing some of the components (?)

I went with the single Smartlinc blaster emitter (instead of 5 ones that stick on the kit themselves) because it was cheaper. Works perfectly. I can only think that you might want to use the low-power "stick ons" if you were trying to be creative about what IR went to where (2 TiVo or 2 Sky boxes or something exotic). All my kit is indepentent so its no problem flooding the cupboard with IR.
Originally posted by Loada
I'm not in a position to measure exactly but I would estimate 1.5m. I will double-check tonite and post again if different.

:smashin: thanks i`ve ordered one, Being delivered tomorrow :)


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