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IR extenders for Sky+ and DVD units inside a cabinet


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I want to control my Sky+ and a DVD player wich are inside a cabinet. I want an IR extender, something like the link below


but I want the receiver to be as inconspicuous as possible. The item liked to above is too large and rather ugly looking.

Does anyone have any links to similar products?

I have looked at the powermid range, but I think they send IR from one room to another and are not what I want?

Thanks :clap:


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I have one of these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/WIRELESS-REMO...43706626QQihZ013QQcategoryZ4693QQcmdZViewItem and thoroughly recommend it. It includes a lead with 3 mini transmitters for such a situation as equipment inside a cabinet. The units are nice and small too, you can see my IR receiver ( RF transmitter! ) in the pic below between my plasma and center speaker



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I have just found this, which is maybe the ultimate. But it does come at a price!!


and this one seems the perfect solution at a good price, but worryingly, it says it is not intended for use in the EU !


I can't see the benefit of paying that kind of money, even the cheaper one is £100!. The extender I linked to works perfectly, ok it can only control 3 devices when using the lead with the transmitters on, but if you have more than that just get 2. You would only need to use 1 IR receiver and and 2 transmitters plus leads giving you control of 6 items in a cabinet, and would still cost less than half the cost of the cheaper model you linked to.


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YEAH, i need something like this, but i dont need/want it wireless.

I just need a wired remote extender to control sky HD and my home cinema dvd.

Anyone any ideas?


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May I ask why? it works flawlessly and is cheap, why are you so against wireless?

The main reason is that i dont want 2 additional power supplies as it will mean having to buy another (expensive) surge protecting power gang.


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and doesnt sky use IRDA?? which this system does not support!??...im confused

Not sure about that m8, don't have sky. According to the ebay add its not suitable for telewest cable boxes ( neither are the other 2 units on the lets automate links ), wether this is the same for sky or not I'm not sure. A surge protected power strip need not cost more than about £15. Still nowhere near the price of the other units linked above.


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the items I have linked to are compatible with Sky and Sky+ (at least the web site says so), I should also think that the other items linked to at simply automate are also ok with Sky and Sky+.

I prefer a hardwired solution and therefor do not want the wireless option (cheap as it may be) :)

I have emailed the people selling the item that is not CE approved to see what he score is related to it's use in the UK.


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How about a logitech harmony remote 895 which can RF and IR to devices? It comes with a RF receiver which can control 4 devices through IR.

So control your line of sight devices(IR), hidden devices (RF) and you get a quality all in one remote. Plus it uses z-wave tech so you can start automating your home too.


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I use an IR extender that I got in Maplin rather than use individual blasters it has a powerful blaster that will server all devices in the cupboard , the IR receiver is about the size of a Coat Button and very unobtrusive and the cabling is all Coax.

Works a treat works my Sky and Sky+ box my DVD player anything IR Really , probably wont work with NTL though ! But I don't have that so wouldn't know.

All all for ~£30 !!!!



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