IR extender - help please!!!


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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I can't seem to get my harmony IR extender working.

The main problem is I don't know what plugs into where :rolleyes: :D

I've got a tiny transmitter/receiver (don't know which!!!) with a clear LED thingy on the end;

a slightly larger box with a red LED on it and;

a third box with a wide range window on the front.

Now i've got IR in (x1), std out (x4) and high out (x1) on the main unit but what goes where :confused:

Any help greatly appreciated :lease:


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I guessing here based on my Xantech remote extender but the larger windowed box should be the receiver and plugged into the IR in. The smallest one should be a standard IR emitter and plugged into one of the 4 standard outputs. The middle sized one could be a high power emitter but I would test it with a standard output first - the high output should be the only socket to actually blow components if you get it wrong.

Does the box itself have a power supply? My Xantech gear doesn't work unless its mains adapter is plugged in.

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