IR dimmer wiring help!


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OK, I am no electrician so I need a bit of encouragement :)
I have, at the moment, 4 halogen spots and one socket with two switches, one switches on the front two lights and the other, the back two.

I have a remote dimmer swith that has the same configuration, i.e. two switches.

When I look at the old socket there is a nutural, and a live going to one side, then a bridging bit of live wire running to the other side of the switch.

On the back of the new unit there are two connectors each has..

Do I wire it in a similar way and use a piece of wire between the LIVES.
Jeeeez, I'm gonna die aint I..
I asked for a 2 gang 2 way, but I think they have given me a 2 gang 1 way -

Does this make a difference?

Any help greatly welcome :)




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Well, firstly it is unlikely there is a nuetral on the original switch. UK wiring does not normally take a neutral wire to the switch. It is usually just live (common) and a switched live (load) going to the light/s. The light then has the neutral in the ceiling rose/light.

Also, you say you asked for a 2 gang 2 way but have not mentioned whether you are using a second location switch (the 2 way bit).

If you are not then you simply wire a permanent live feed to one of the Live connectors on the new switch, take a link from that live to the second gang live (meaning you now have a feed on each gang - switch).

Next, you need to connect the existing load (switched live) wire/s to the S or load connector.

Re-reading your post do you mean that on the back of the new switch there are 2 blocks of 3 connectors (6 connections in all) or just 2. Not clear from your post.

LIVE = permanent live
S = could be swiitched live or could mean slave (but doubtful - never seen it referred like that before)
LOAD = switched live - wire back to light.

Did the new switch not come with instructions to tell you what the markings are?


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thanks for the reply Messiah.

The back of the socket has 2 lots of Live, S and Load yes.
I am not using a second location switch, just the one location but operating two lights.
The Load has a wavey line with an arrow thru it, does that make sense?



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Forget the S conector. Just connect the permanent live feed to the Live connections (ok to link across from one to the other as long as there is permanent live feed on those connectors) then connect the load wire (should also be red but may be black as some electricians are lazy and use standard twin and earth) to the Load connector for each switch (gang).

The arrow through the wavey line simply inidicates it is a switched live feed. In total you should have 4 wires conected in the back of the 2 gang switch. Simple.


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Worked a treat - thanks for your help.
Just a quickie - The metal face plate is warm to the touch, is this ok?
Is it normal to be warm...




The electronics run on low voltage so the switch has some sort of transformer inside, as with any of these there is heat generated. It is a little disturbing at first but makes sense once you've thought about what's inside. ;)

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