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Nov 19, 2003
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I wonder if onyone here can help me.

I'm struggling to control my Sky+ box from another room & because of the layout of my house with v thick brick fireplaces & old walls the usual RF-based IR extenders don't have the uuumph to cover the distances.

I do however now have a Wifi network covering the whole house & hope that this could give me an answer. I know the Philips iPronto with the IR re-transmitter do-dah unit works over Wifi but at £1400 - perhaps not!

My question is does anyone know of a wifi-compatable IR extender soltuion that's available for a sensible price. BTW I also have a Compaq Pocket PC if that helps?

Many thanks for youe help
You are in luck!

Check out - this will run on your IPAQ and instead of outputting IR will pass the "remote" signals over your WiFi network. Obviously, you will have to have an IR emitter somewhere near your kit and attached to your computer - have a look at - they have an IR emitter device and also a new network-enabled emitter that doesn't require a PC - however it's not cheap.

You might also want to have a look at Girder ( that makes a good partner for NetRemote. Have a good read of the Girder forums, there's a lot of relevant info on there from people who are doing the same things as you're after.

Good luck, HTH
Great, I'll certainly investigate those options - thanks for your help

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