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Aug 8, 2005
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I'm thinking of getting my g/f am Ipod for xmas. I'm just wondering what's the best one out there for under 200gbp??
Looks? Space? different functions??
All these things matter for her. Please advise me as i'm new to this market.
When you say iPod, do you mean the ones made by Apple? Or are you after advice on a general digital music player? I appreciate you're new to this, which is why I ask: a lot of people think that 'iPod' is the generic name for all DAPs (Digital Audio Players).
Go for a Sony NW-HD5- Smaller, looks nicer (imho), Much better batter life.
Thanks but more advise is needed. Do you have to pay sites to download music off them?? Or is there other ways to do it/? I'm a noob to this market.
Have you read the MP3 sticky thread on this forum? Good place to start.

Also, can you tell us more about what your girlfriend will be doing with her player? Going to the gym? Just for the train journey into work? In-car?

Any further details will help us narrow down a pretty broad market.
It depends on what your girlfriend is like. If she is tech-savvy and knows of all the different DAPs out there, she may be disappointed in an ipod, and want a model that has more functions (play different music formats other than mp3 and aac, voice record functions, radio tuners, etc.). But if she is like a trend-follower and wants the "hottest" products around, then you would more likely please her with an ipod nano. It's the newest (yet most vulnerable to scratches so dont forget a protective case that covers the entire player) ipod out there. Being a girl, I dont like big bulky things, so the Nano is perfect.. it's small, has a color screen, it's irresistibly cute and the "it" thing to have right now.

The songs can be purchased and downloaded right off the the iTunes Music Store, and you just use the iTunes program to upload songs onto the iPod. Or, you can rip your CDs into mp3 or aac format (it can be done through iTunes) and stick them on the ipod as well.
She doesn't know too much about ipods/ DAP's. It would just to be used for everyday life eg. in car, around the house, train, shopping. That sort of thing. All your advice just now is great. Where's the cheapest webby to buy one and a case??
iPod Nano or Creative Zen Micro. Small, Stylish and will do most things she will need it for, also both are easy to use and have good sound quality
an ipod nano can be purchased at the apple store with free shipping and free engraving for £139.00 for a 2GB (500 songs), and £179.00 for a 4GB player (1000 songs). 2GB is a good size for a new user. However, once the ipod is engraved, it cannot be returned, and is very difficult to sell... but then again it has more sentimental value and your girlfriend would probably be very happy. :)

Other online retailers would probably take longer or not be able to offer free engraving.


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