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Hi there,

I'm getting married later in the year and instead of getting a dj in to play The Birdie Song and Raining Men, I thought I'd do a big playlist myself from my Ipod. Has anyone got any advice on the best speakers to use for this purpose. The room for the music is about 30 by 50 foot so its not huge. Would a single unit be good/loud enough you reckon, or would I need some 'proper' speakers. Any help much appreciated.


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I'd say hire a small PA system and connect your ipod to it. You'll probably struggle to make a home system work in a busy room that size.


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aye, definitely need PA speakers, generally hifi speaker noise gets lost amongst lots of peoples in a room talking loudly over each other....lol

unless you can rig up around 6 pairs of hifi speakers in a 5 or 7 channel stereo DSP mode from an AV amp....that might work if you place them around the room......i know the volume from my 7 speakers gets pretty damn huge......


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Hi Geoff1234

This is entirely possible with the Ipod at weddings etc, I have done it loads of times:clap:

I will assume that you have no experience of PA systems or how to set them up etc (sorry if you do though:eek: ) Hope this is of help........

Absolutely go with a PROPER PA package, DON'T even think about using your domestic HI-FI gear (it will probably get trashed, and overdriven / blown speakers >

what I mean as the hall fills up with guests the bodies will absorb the sound more (esp the high frequencies) therefore you will turn the Amp / Sound UP to compensate.

This would mean DEATH to most HI-FI systems /Amps & Speakers (ie they are not designed to play for that long at those types of sound levels)

There are lots of PA hire companies that will help you out (I don't know what area you are from, just do a search on google in your area)

1. You can use a traditional PA system (with a mixer/ microphone / amplifier and PA speakers on stands, {passive system}
Then all you neeed to do is just plug in your Ipod using a 3.5mm stereo cable to 2 RCA plugs > into the Mixer for sound level > (turn the EQ OFF on the ipod) and if you can use the ipod dock, it gives a LINE level output that will sound better, instead of the headphome output > run the cables from the MASTER output of the MIXER > INto the Amplifier the plug the speaker cables from the < OUTputs of the Amplifier into each speaker


2. Go for whats called an ACTIVE PA system The big difference is the Amplifiers are built into the speakers themselves. So all you would need are a connection from the Ipod to the speakers (each speaker has a volume control on the back)

Although I would still recommed a Mixer & Microphone on BOTH systems anyway for announcements speeches etc.

Also make sure the speakers are on tripod stands, this gets them up off the floor and above peoples head height, which helps the sound carry much better than plonking them on the floor!!

MAKE SURE YOU USE RCDs ADAPTERS ON THE SOCKETS IN THE HALL VENUE I Can't stress this enough I have seen some very dodgy Hall sockets!!!! Plus if any cables run across the floor where you think your guests may trip over them then use some "Gaffer Tape" bought from the PA hire to tape them down safely, or just route them neatly out of the way.

Good luck with your wedding hope it all goes well




Thanks for that advice, sounds great. You are right, I don't know nothing about it!

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