Ipod via amp - how loud can you go?


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As the above says - if I plug my ipod via stereo interconnects to my Amp then is the volume restricted only by the amp/speaker set up or does the ipod itself dictate how loud we can go?

Is there a significant drop in quality the louder you get too, or will it be adequate for a party (not reference listening!)


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Both IPod and stereo amp volume controls will adjust the volume independently. However I find turning an MP3 player up to 100%, then using the amp to set the exact voloune for the room can bring in distortion.

I prefer to use around 85% volume on the MP3 player, then let the more powerful stereo amp take up the slack.

I'm sure any decent quality tracks on the IPod will go plenty loud enough on even a modest amp at party time.


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Didn't know where to post this so x-posted - I'll put here what I put there as it is also relevant!

Amp will be either a Cambridge Audio A5 or (if that's not going to be good enough) a Pioneer VSX AX5i (I think I will be able to run two lots of speakers at the same time off this - am trying to get to the bottom if this possibility too!).

Forgot to say that the party if taking place in a big room (ballroom!?) so will need to go fairly loud

Cheers for reply


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If you get an iPod dock, theres a line-out jack which will give a consistent level to the amp so you only have the amp controlling the levels - that way you can avoid distortion. the volume limit will really be determined by the amp and speakers.


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Cheers, will try to track down someone with a dock c/w line out and give it a try...


Using a dock is soooo much better.. the top out is really just for headphones.


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You want to use the line out at the bottom of the iPod. This gives a line level output to your amplification.

A headphone socket is exactly that. For headphones only.

As for how loud an iPod/MP3 go and how good it will sound? Well that's limited only by your amp and speakers.

Loads of DJs use iPods these days. Have you never seen the Numark kit for iPods?

Hope it's a great party!



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Cheers Pablo, that is starting to sound a bit better.... it's a someone else's ipod so I can't try this out right now but will give it a go asap!!


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I use the ipod at line level in my car, and have found (as expected) that at full or near volume on the ipod there is notable crackling and popping. Best way is to balance the input level of the pod so it's the same as another input like a cd player at the same volume on the amp. Otherwise just dont go above about 85%.


Best way is to balance the input level of the pod so it's the same as another input like a cd player at the same volume on the amp. Otherwise just dont go above about 85%.

Curious as to what you mean by this, as I am having the issue in my car where the line out volume to my car stereo is MUCH QUIETER than AM or FM radio, causing me to have to turn the car stereo volume up to full to listen to iPod music. I don't understand how to adjust this?

Thanks in advance.:lease:

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