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iPod Touch - so what else can be done with it?


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Borrowed an iTouch off a mate to play with, think it's an amazing bit of kit, specially the wifi : Safari, YouTube etc...

Thing is, I don't need one, and I don't really even want one as an MP3 player. I have a 60gb iPod Video which has all my music on it and thats all I need, so I wouldn't have a use for a 16gb, or even a 32gb, iTouch as an MP3 player...

What attracts me to it tho, apart from the touchscreen which is hella cool, is the web browser part of it. I was surprised at just how many unsecured wireless networks it can pick up and log onto in and around London when I am out and about...

But I can't just buy one for that - so I was wondering, what else can be done to it, hacks, apps etc, to make it more of a PDA type affair. Ie, can I get it to read office docs like Word, Excel, etc, can I get some more organiser type apps for it, can it even be hacked so you can transfer files (FTP/NAS style) to it from computers on the same network? IE, I go home, and can transfer contact info etc to it, and transfer a PDF file or Excel spreadsheet to it to view when out and about?

I really don't need it as a media player - nice as the screen is, the video playback doesn't really bother me (tho it'd be cool to have a couple movies on it for those times sat somewhere waiting for a client to turn up) but I think it has the potential to be very usefull as a web tool, organiser, PDA type thingy if it can be hacked....

So what can be done to it?


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I would be patient and wait for iPod Touch v2 - expected alongside iPhone v2 sometime in June - and after the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in June - when the fruits of the Software Development Kit become more apparent (see the Apple website for a video stream).

Among such developments are the promised 'Documents to Go' by DataViz, which will give you MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint on your iPod Touch/iPhone. I also suspect that mobile Filemaker Pro will similarly become available in due course.

I was disappointed by the lack of internet radio on the iPod Touch - but Flytunes provides this functionality - http://www.flytunes.fm/ - and http://musicradio.com/ provides access to a variety of UK-based FM radio stations.

At home, if you want to remotely control your iTunes library feed from your Mac to your audio system, or control an Apple TV without resorting to switching on your television, software such as Remote Buddy - http://www.iospirit.com/index.php?m...objcode=html-141&sid=5919783G7a2f476927084b83 - or Signal - http://www.alloysoft.com/ - will be useful.

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