ipod touch pass key and wifi


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hi, really need some help here, my friend has just got an ipod touch for xmas. she is trying to connect to her orange livebox wifi but it's not working. her livebox pass key is 7 digits long but the passkey on her ipod touch needs to be 8 digitd, does anyone know what she needs to do now to connect to the wifi.:lease::lease::lease:


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Change the key on the Orange live box to one that is 8 characters long?


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tried the above advice but unfortunately is doesn't change your passkey. has anyone else got any advice as this is getting really annoying now!!:confused:


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My guess is that her problem is down to security type. Try selecting wep on the ipod under security as that will allow a 7 digit code

You should be able to check the security type used on the livebox using the link provided by Matt_C




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cheers for that, i have sent her all the links and advice etc so hopefully she will get it sorted soon. merry xmas 2 u all and thanks again for all your help:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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