ipod touch/archos or zune2, help required



I'm looking for a new mp4 player, and am considering the following.

Archos 605 30gb+
iPod Touch 16gb
Zune 80gb

Zune looks good and nice size, but its got to be imported.
iPod touch looks great but is pricey for only 16gb.
Archos is quite pratical but is rather chunky and ugly looking.

I'll be using mainly as a mp3 player. And sometimes watching videos. Earphones not an issue as i have some good bose one's already.

I guess my questions are:
1. Zune2- would it be easy to set up and use in the uk??
2. What video formats do the above support and do i need to convert video to play on the players?
3. Which would you recommend and why.

Thanks in advance.


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In the same position myself, check out my thread down the page entitled 'reccomendations needed', might give you a bit of info and bump it up the page if you get a chance!!

1) Zune 2 shouldnt have any problems working here, but you won't be able to use zune marketplace (like itunes store) in the UK. Anything purchased on itunes wont work on zune software (Which is really nice btw) However, get round this by burning purchases to disc and importing.
Zune 2 availble on UK ebay. Screen size is about as big as ipod touch, and the size of the unit is pretty much same.

2) I recently got the archos 404, i got annoyed at how heavy and unattractive the interphase was. Buttons are just akward and feels like i'm back in 2004 with my sony hd3. (Which was amazing for it's time btw :p) I'm getting rid of the archos straight away.

You mentioned the 605 above, i'm pretty sure that'll be even bigger even though it's 5th generation archos. However 5th generation does have nicer features, wifi, and bigger screen size. So if unit size and comfort isn't an issue then this is the nicest one. Also, record directly of TV with the DVR station, (£50) and watch on the archos, specific extra features which could make it attractive to people.

Also, the archos will be the only one to play divx videos. (Google 'Stage6') You can download music videos with amazing quality, put them straight onto the unit, nice stuff!
(However converting them to MPEG-4 isnt that much more effort and i can't tell any difference in quality- no doubt that having the divx feature does many life easier tho)

3) iPod touch is just a beauty, best to look at, best and easiest to use, best software in itunes. Get it jailbroken and fully customise it and it'll keep you hooked for ages. (I've owned a 8GB one for a little while) It really is the best no doubt- however the 16GB issue- i simply can't fit my library on it, and although i could put half my library on it and manually sync, i just can't be bothered.. i want my mp3 player to have my full library on it.)

If you can live with 16GB tho, there's no reason why you shouldn't just pay £220 on ebay and get one. (Apart from no divx support and the fact it can't record off tv there's absolutely nothing on another unit which should warrant you turning down the touch.)
Personally? I'm gettin the zune soon- i expect it to be a good size, it says its lighter than the 30GB ipod vid i currently own, it looks easy to use, 80GB, good screen size, and within £170 on ebay.

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