Ipod touch and WMA/WMV Support?

All my music is in the WMA Format, and well looking for a device that has a widescreen display and can support up to 1.5mb/s video playblack, the Zune did this but no 16:9 display, good thing about using .wmv is that I can encode video at any resolution, and crop it easily by how much I want, the itouch is the ideal device has the features that I want but no WMV/WMA support why can't someone make a decent device that supports these formats, I doubt there are any good H.264 encoders out there which has the power of Windows Media Encoder..


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nope, there is no WMA/WMV support, apple will never support it.
these codecs really aren't very good, as i'm sure you've been told before..

"I doubt there are any good H.264 encoders out there which has the power of Windows Media Encoder.."
have you actually used any others? its really not that powerful.
nero digital i think supports h.264 and "can encode video at any resolution, and crop it easily".. and as you are no doubt aware, it gives much better quality per mb.

"why can't someone make a decent device that supports these formats",
because you have to pay MS for their use, whilst being worse than the pre-existing alternatives, which are in most cases, far more widely used.
the only company with a high interest in supporting the formats is microsoft, and they can't make a decent device.
OK here is what I want to do..

Resolution of video file is 720*576, which is an anamorphic resolution, since the file is 4*3 format it's real resolution is 768*576

SO Want to crop it from a resolution of 768*576 by 4 pixels on each side, and output it it at that cropped resolution of 760*568 and then deinterlace it, so far only windows media encoder will allow me to do it, Premiere Pro or vegas won't, so Windows Media Encoder really is that advanced, can nero digital or any other H264 encoder allow me to do that?...

Can't find any program that will let me specify the resolution I want to crop from, all of them crop from the vidoe files resolution, not it's actual resolution..., so any program out there that can do it with H.264?...

Anyway that's the reson I use .wmv that and the ffact you don't need any special codec to play it, plays on any windows platform..

Yes microsoft can't make a decent PMP, but at least they make great encoding software more powerful than the encoding options in premiere or vegas and yet give it away for free...


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hi, i think nero-recode can do what you want. it has both crop and resize.. so presumably you could sort the anamophic issues out with that, you will probably need to play around with it a bit. there is also an option for deinterlacing.
select an AVC profile for h.264. (other is divX i think).

there is a 30 day free trial of the nero digital suite, http://www.nero.com/nerodigital/eng/download.php or elsewhere, as usual.

if it can't then you can always use WME to sort the resolution issues out, and encode to a v high bitrate, then do a simple re-encode to h.264.

as for playing on all systems, try VLC.. u can copy it (or use VLC portable) to a USB drive if you want to use it on others' computers.

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